Ugandan woman poisons stepdaughter for accepting Christ

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Religious intolerance leads to murder

A 23-year-old woman from Uganda was poisoned by her stepmother after she admitted going to church and accepting Jesus Christ. An autopsy indicates that Namata Habiiba died from rat poison. The disturbing events began after Habiibaa attended a church service in Wakawaka village, Bugiri District, and "put her faith in Christ", according to the friend whose name is being kept out of the news for security reasons.

Habiiba was living with her Muslim stepmother Namu Sauya, because her parents were killed in 2019 in a vehicle accident. When she returned home from church accompanied by her friend Sauya asked why Namata had come back so late. The friend says Habiba admitted that she had attended a church service and converted to Christianity. The stepmother stopped talking to her yet prepared and served food for the two young women and left the room.

A poisoned last meal

The friend said she was fasting that day and did not eat but within minutes, of eating the meal Habiiba complained of severe stomach pain. She began vomiting and the friend called for Sauya, who did not answer. Soon neighbors arrived, but Namu was nowhere to be found. Habiiba was taken to a hospital in Bugiri, where a doctor administered her medication, but she soon passed away. The friend said a postmortem, determined Namata had died from ingesting rat poison.

The Morning Star news says a local resident revealed that Namata Habiiba left behind a 3-year-old child, whose father is a married Muslim who was planning to take her as a second wife, Villagers as well as local authorities condemned the murder and are searching for Sauya, Habiiba’s body was laid to rest in Musubi village, on Saturday, Sept. 24 in the same place where her father had been buried.

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