Christina Aguilera says record executives tried to make her change her last name

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Christina Aguilera took a stand

Christina Aguilera is a five-time Grammy winner who recently admitted that record executives had attempted to make her change her last name. She refused to say who they were but acknowledge that in the beginning, she wasn’t bothered by the suggestion as her name is often mispronounced and had been butchered.

Aguilera told HOLA! magazine " I'm proud to be an Aguilera,” Something that I really embody and understand is that, you know, this is a name that has been tried to be taken away from me on numerous occasions coming up in this business.” She added that her response to a name change was "No, I’m Aguilera, I’m proud of where I come from,” “My father being from Ecuador.”

Embracing one's heritage is important

This spring, she released “Aguilera” which is her second Spanish-language album following “Mi Reflejo” in September 2000. The new album has received mostly positive reviews and received two nominations at the 2022 Latin Grammys.

Christina Aguilera is not the only Hispanic in the entertainment industry to deal with the issue of their last name. Actor James Roday Rodrequiz shared that he was born Jame Rodreguiz but because he did not look Hispanic he began going by Roday. After the George Floyd situation happened he decided to embrace his heritage and now uses his birth name.

There have been many entertainers of various ethnicities who were told their names were too ethnic-sounding and they changed them in order to gain fame. Today the culture has shifted and more people are embracing who they really are. Kudos to James Roday for seeing the light and to Christina Aguilera for standing her ground.

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