Meghan Markle continues to be in hot water with the royal family

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Meghan Markle continues to catch flack

Meghan Markle's loose lips are allegedly the reason that royals were hesitant to talk to her during the period of Queen Elizabeth's passing and the morning period. Even those who are her biggest fans and defenders should consider that she spoke ill of her inlaws and should not have expected a warm welcome when she returned to the UK.

Even if everything Meghan has said since moving to the US is 100% true she should have expected things to be a bit frosty as no one likes to have their dirty laundry aired in public. Animated Times says she is considered to be a “home breaker“, “not up to the mark“,” not the royal kind“, and “manipulative“. This comes after Meghan told Oprah that someone in the royal family was curious about what complexion Archie was going to have. As mentioned in other articles this is normal in situations with mixed-race children or those whose father and mother's complexions are far apart on the color spectrum.

Are Markle's loose lips and racism the issues?

Markle has told the world that she was not treated right by "the firm". said her mental health was not a priority and the royals like to keep their personal business private. Financier Ben Goldsmith claims that the Duchess of Sussex is disliked because she is a “is a manipulative bully” after a Twitter user suggested that the hatred towards her was racist.

When Barak Obama was in office it was suggested that a lot of things that were said against him were racism in disguise. In this day and age, the N-word is discouraged so perhaps some people express their racist views by using other terms. He was referred to as a "Community organizer" by some who could not bring themselves to call him president. Now people use the name Obama itself in ways that come across as racist. Is it possible that much of the harsh wording towards Meghan is because she is a biracial woman?

There have been reports that King Charles is washing his hands of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and others that suggest he wants reconciliation. The only thing known for certain is that Markle is really hated and takes the heat for all things royal that don't work. She did not help her cause by telling the world what went on behind closed palace doors and this is being milked for all it is worth.

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