Prince Harry and Meghan Markle holding hands is being critized

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Holding hands is natural

It is amazing that of all the nitpicking that is being done to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that the world is divided by their holding hands. It is quite normal for people in love to hold one another's hand but because every move of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is scrutinized even this simple gesture that couples around the world enjoy is questioned.

The issue has been brought up of whether or not Prince Harry and Meghan are breaking protocol but the judgmental public should keep something in mind. First and foremost they are a married couple in love and holding hands is natural. There is also the fact that the Duke and Duchess are no longer working royals like William and Kate the Prince and Princess of Wales and were not on official duty but only morning the late Queen.

Professoinal protocol has a place

Prince Willam is now next in line to the throne and is conducting himself as he believes will show him to be a fitting king. This brings to mind a church I attended decades ago where each time the pastor was not in attendance for a Wednesday afternoon prayer service he left his executive assistant in charge. Every time she addressed those who were in the seats she would do some very specific things.

She would stand gap legged with her arms folded across her chest with eyes squinted as though she were trying to give the appearance of having authority and a professional stance. Once during a meeting with me in the pastor's study, this woman leaned back in his chair and wearing her glasses low on her nose, and spoke with an air that again gave the impression she wanted to look and sound as if she were in charge. Outside of these settings, she was mild-mannered and easily approachable.

The same has been said of Prince William who was reported to have been accessible as he recently mingled with the public. The Prince and Princess of Wales may be duty bound to carry themselves in a specific manner in certain settings that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are not. Harry and Meghan are however giving off their own persona vibe.

Holding hands says " I love you and I got your back"

The second thing to keep in mind is how uncomfortable Prince Harry and Meghan Markle must be after telling Oprah and the world their reasons for leaving royal life. They have experienced indifference, hatred, and racism for two years and now are in close proximity with family members they have had issues with while the world is watching.

This couple has been the subject of unfounded rumors, racist attacks, and death threats so is it any wonder they look to each other for comfort? The hand holding could also be a way for Meghan and Harry to convey they have each other's backs. I recall for decades noting older couples who were often holding hands or patting one another's hand and later in my marriage I finally understood.

In the last few years before he died whenever we attended church services or funerals, we might hold hands and sit with our knees close together or one of us would put our arm around the other. Once we were in the parking lot or at a cemetery while talking with others one of us usually would lightly rub the other's back. This was an involuntary gesture that says "I got your back," or "we got this."

According to Women's Health people who hold hands are not clingy or needy as Meghan Markle has been accused of but are conveying a message to each other and to those watching that they are really into one another. Prine Harry and his wife are simply showing the world they are in love and sanding by one another and that's a good thing.

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