Kate Middleton's title Princess of Wales angers fans of Princess Diana

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Royal title changes

As per British law when former Prince Charles became King of England his title Prince of Wales went to his son and heir Prince William whose wife Kate Middleton now has the title of Princess of Wales This does not sit well with those who believe that Diana should be the only person to have that title.

Shortly after the death of Queen Elizabeth II the song, God Bless the Queen was quickly changed to God Bless the King and there were chants of " The Queen is dead, Long live the King." Diana the Princess of Wales has been dead for 25 years as of August 31 and yet her adoring public cannot bear for anyone to take her place.

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Kate Middleton the newly appointed Princess of Wales has certainly earned her position although her service is not why she has the monicker. Kate has worked hard as the wife of the future king and Britons believe shewill make an excellent Queen. It was King Charles II ascention to the throne led to a number of changes in Royal titles in addition to his own.

Archie and Lilibet the children of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are now offcall a Prince and Princess as the grandchildren of the King. The Duchess of Cornwall is now Queen Consort Camilla and Willam and Kate are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Cornwall as well as the new Prince and Princess of Wales. Perhaps at some point Kaet will be accepted on her own merits by Diana devotees but if not her title still stands.

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