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Former Roanoke City Councilman Robert Jeffrey Jr. files a lawsuit to be reinstated

Cheryl E Preston
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A twist in the Robert Jeffrey Jr. case

There has been a twist in a hgh profle situation in local government that many Star City resdents have been keeping up with. Defense Attorney Melvin Hill has filed a lawsuit on behalf of former Roanoke City Councilman Robert Jeffrey Jr. seeking his client to be reinstated to his council seat and the move has stunned a number of people. Jeffrey lost his posion in March when he pleaded no contest but was found guilty of the charges brought against him.

This move came one-week after Jeffrey, was sentenced to prison, for embezzlement. His father Robert Jeffrey, Sr. a former pastor in the Roanoke Valley told News7 “I love my son,” said. “And I think intent is everything. He did not set out to hurt people. He did not set out to steal.”

Jeffrey wants to stop the special election

Jeffrey was found guilty of stealing over $100,000.00 from The Northwest Neighborhood Environmenal Organization. Brenda Powell, the assistant secretary for NNEO told News 7 in March We trusted someone that was in our family and we trusted them and they took our trust for granted,” And now the community can see we were not being vindictive. He actually did much more than what was brought out in court. But we’re glad that it has come to an end. Now we can move on.”

Jeffrey and his attorney have no intension of moving on as Hill is asking a judge to cancel the special election that will replace his client and order his reinstatement to Roanoke City Council. The lawyer argues that Jeffrey never waived his right to an appeal and is asking the court to "declare the writ of election forfeiting the council seat of Robert Jeffrey, Jr. null and void, order members of city council to reinstate Jeffrey and prevent them from holding an election to replace him" accordng to WDBJ 7. A hearing is scheduled for September. 20.

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