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Sheettz is moving from Williamson Road to King Street

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Sheetz is changing locations

Sheetz is currently in the process of building a new store on King Street that will replace the store that is now on the corner of Williamson Road and Orange Avenue. PR Manager Nick Ruffner said "We are continually evaluating our strategy in every market where we operate, and as a result, we have made the decision to close the store along Williamson Road,”

None of the employees will lose their jobs as Ruffner said "Employees working at this location have been offered jobs at the new King Street location or at another store if requested,” The new Sheetz will be a few miles East and located at the corner of Orange Avenue and King Street in Roanoke. This location will be a little over 4 acres, and larger than the store on Williamson Road. News 10 is reporting that in December of last year. $3 million was paid for the land off King Street.

Some Roanokers believe the homeless are responsible for the change

The current Sheetz on Williamson Road was built when the old facility was demolished and the company decided in 2010 to remodel 150 of the older stores. What was not discussed in the News 10 article is the reason that many Roanokers believe the store is relocating which is the increasing presence of the homeless. There were several comments at the end of the article but this one spoke volumes.

"The Sheetz on the corner of Williamson and Orange is horrific-sorry King street goers are going to have to deal with this. It is dirty along with druggies and vagrants over-running it. I blame management and the city, both. I ran a convenience store and know what staff should be doing, inside... along w/what the city could and should do, outside. Gees-give me a break! I work a block from there and have seen people laying, literally laying on the sidewalk. Not to mention the constant stream of foot traffic going across the street to the hilltop where the flag poles are; and let's not forget those standing on the median begging for change. Did anyone see the VERY old woman they had "parked" in a chair of sorts at the light beside the Civic Center (once you come off the interstate)? Gees! Roanoke City needs to clean up that entire area or nothing will make it very long, or stay reputable. Hotel, restaurant, new traffic pattern to allow a right-hand turning lane onto Orange, from Williamson? High hopes! "

The Williamson Road location is not expected to close until after the King Street Sheetz is completed sometime this fall.

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