The Wendy Williams staff allegedly enabled her drinking but now that the show is over they are spilling details

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Wendy Williams staff is talking now that they no longer have jobs

The former employees of The Wendy Williams show are speaking out regarding the talk show host's struggles with sobriety during her 13-year run. Now that they no longer have jobs they fear losing some of the staff is making startling allegations against their former boss. Sources told The Hollywood Reporter about Wendy's alleged condition during the final years on the daytime talk show prior to her going on hiatus and finally being unable to continue.

The 58-year-old host has been struggling with multiple health issues, including Graves' disease and alcohol and drug addiction and according to The Hollywood Reporter, in 2019 Williams entered a halfway house in an attempt to become sober. One source shared "Everybody on that staff and crew witnessed all kinds of things.” This particular insider says that staffers found "bottles [of alcohol] up in the ceiling tiles and other weird places in the office".

The US Sun continues to report on Wendy Williams and her troubles

Last year, The U.S Sun exclusively revealed that Wendy "was drinking every day, including when she was filming her live show. This continued until she was hospitalized for psychiatric issues in September. of 2021. A source revealed: “Everyone is an enabler because they don't want to lose their job. They see it, they know it, they smelled the liquor." Wendy drinks every day and the only time she was sober was when she was at the sober house.”  "Her staffers are worried but no one is ever going to speak up because they don't want to lose their jobs.

The US Sun obtained a  video clip that was first posted by Gossip Of The City, In the video, Wendy appeared in the store window in SoHo and was laying down on a bed with her legs crossed and her eyes closed. There appeared to be a "filled-to-the-brim champagne glass on the floor next to her.".    

This sounds ironic as the talk show host was often harsh and brutal when it came to her guests and those who were the subject of her "Hot Topics" segment. It's also ironic that everyone is talking now that the talk show has been canceled and they did not speak up when it might have made a difference.

Wendy Williams needs help

In addition, producers of the show were said to have questioned the sobriety of the talk show queen on "at least 25" separate occasions in text messages sent to their superiors before the show began". This led to their bosses allegedly making an "ultra-quick" judgment call on whether they could go live at 10 am even as Wendy insisted that she was "fine".

THR also reported there were times when an episode was the second taping of the day and would not air until later in that week. This gave Wendy's executives time to rewatch the hour to determine if Williams seemed Okay. There was only one episode of those viewed that did not air. The most recent information related to Williams says she is asking her supporters to boycott Sherri Shepherd whose talk show will move into the Wendy time slot in September.

Alcohol Use Disorder is classified as a medical condition that is a disease related to brain function. If this is indeed what is troubling Wendy Williams she needs assistance in obtaining and maintaining her sobriety rather than judgment. Those who are speaking out now who previously enabled her were more than likely doing the best they could at the time. Wendy is also reportedly being controlled by her new manager WIll Selby.

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