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Sam Reid marks a halfway milestone in eating nothing but Taco Bell for 30 days

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Sam Reid is halfway there

Three weeks ago UVA graduate, Lexington athlete-turned-filmmaker Sam Reid decided to challenge himself by eating nothing but Taco Bell food for 30 days. His goal is to see if he can improve his health by only partaking in meals from the fast food restaurant. He is now at the halfway point as of this past Sunday Reid passed day 15.

When WDBJ7 checked in Reid shared the following: “I’m actually feeling pretty good. As of right now, I’ve actually been able to maintain my weight,” “Some numbers have been better than I was expecting and some have been a little bit higher than I was expecting.”

Reid said it took just a little over one week for him to complete a tall order and eat every item on the Taco Bell menu. This was a stipulation he set for himself when setting out to test the validity of ‘healthy’ fast food.

Taco Bell employees embrace Reid

Reid told News7 he has gotten to know the employees in the Taco Bell drive-through pretty well and they are on a first-name basis, with one another. He added: “Sometimes I’ll pull up to the drive-through speaker and instead of hearing ‘thank you for choosing Taco Bell’, I’ll hear them say ‘hey Sam, you can go ahead and pull around.’”

He has been getting a lot of attention related to his experiment, including being mentioned on a late-night television show.

It’s been really fun. I’ve had friends from different parts of the country reach out to me and say that they saw the story on their local news station which has been really exciting. I think with some of the coverage, you get a lot of people weighing in on different aspects of the experiment, whether that’s how I’ll be affected long term or my bathroom habits.”

Different results from eating at Taco Bell

There are those who believe Taco Bell food is hard on the digestive system and will send you to the toilet more often but Sam does not seem to be experiencing this. He indicated that his digestive flow has been rather normal.

There will be a documentary on Reid that includes "detailed food logs" and weekly results from medical tests that will be used to analyze the impact the Taco Bell diet is having on his health. Reid acknowledges that some people that may have had a different experience with their health journey that have looked at what he is doing and decided that it will not work or is only a "publicity stunt’.

Sam insisted to News7 that he is interested in doing more than just his Taco Bell challenge because “It’s about opening the door to that conversation about a more nuanced view of our health.”Be on the lookout for updates from Sam Reid as his journey continues. He will finalize this journey at the flagship Taco Bell in Las Vegas.

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