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Anne Heche is being investigated for drunk driving and hit and run

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A Podcast by the actress indicated she had been drinking

WDBJ News 7 is reporting that Actress Anne Heche is being investigated for driving drunk and hit and run when she was involved in two automobile accidents. A Podcast just a few hours before the accidents that has since been taken down showed Heche talking about drinking wine and vodka because she was having a bad day.

TMZ first broke the news that Heche had driven into the side of an LA apartment complex and when bystanders tried to get her out of her vehicle she backed up and drove away. Minutes later she drove into a house and set it on fire. The occupants escaped but their home is gone and a Go Fund Me has been set up to help them.

Eye-witness accounts of the day's events

Heche was taken to the hospital by a rescue squad and was said to have burns all over her body. It was later announced that she is expected to live. The Daily Mail is reporting that on Friday Heche appeared to slur her words as she and co-host Heather Duffy announced that a company provided them with free alcohol to try on their show.

LA Fire Department Captain Erik Scott said Anne Heche was trapped inside of her car as the fire began spreading but she was able to talk to her rescuers as they were attempting to get her out. A neighbor reported that a crane had to be used to pull the actress from the burning vehicle. Deadline is reporting that the actress is on a ventilator and in a coma in critical condition so be on the lookout for updates as they become available.

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