Royal watchers say the Windsors are concerned about what Prince Harry wrote about Camilla Parker Bowles in his memoir

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Rumors abound regarding Prince Harry and his stepmother

There are always rumors related to the Royal family and no way to validate what is really true. Those who are part of the House of Windsor are private so the public often has to determine for themselves what is true and what is false. One Royal, in particular, Camilla Parker Bowles has had her share of gossip and now may be inadvertently at the center of more trouble.

Allegedly Prince Harry does not care too much for the woman who came between his mother Princess Diana and his father Prince Charles. it has been suggested that the Duke of Sussex does not hold his stepmother in high esteem. There were rumors that Camilla was the unnamed Royal who asked about baby Archie's skin complexion but now sources say it was Prince Charles. The wife of the future king is said to have commented that the child would be "gorgeous".
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The palace is concerned about Prince Harry's memoir

According to Newsweek author and Royal expert, Ingrid Seward the palace is nervous about what Harry has to say about Camilla and he may never warm up to his stepmother because of her long affair with Prince Charles when he was married to Diana. Journalist Richard Kay, a former close confidant of Princes Diana, said conversations Harry had with his mother's friends near the time of the 20th anniversary of her death are troubling.

It is believed the Prince will use his book to get even or "settle scores with family members and senior courtiers". There is allegedly particular concern over what he will say about the Duchess of Cornwall as many of Diana's friends continue to blame her for the demise of the marriage to Di and Prince Charles. It's understandable that the Prince would have conflicting emotions about his stepmother but the truth is that his father is the one he should blame.

Prince Charles should bear more responsibility than Camilla

Prince Charles made a decision to marry Diana Spencer because the woman he truly loved was a divorcee and unacceptable as a future queen. It was the future king who chose to cheat on his wife and not honor his marriage vows. Ironically, once Charles ascends to the throne Camilla will be Queen consort which means she is the wife of the king but has no authority.

Whatever Harry says in his book about his stepmother it will have no bearing on Camilla's future and according to The Daily Beast time has made the hearts of the British people soften and more of them are accepting that she will be Queen.

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