Prince Harry is rumored to be homesick and Meghan Markle is concerned

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There's no place like home

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved to the United States, there were palace insiders, who said Prince Harry had been unhappy and never comfortable with the protocol and was expected to find a way to leave the House of Windsor. insiders are now alleging that Meghan Markle is troubled about her husband being drawn back into the life that he gave up.

The rumor mill is suggesting that absence has made Harry's heart grow fonder and that he is possibly longing for Buckingham Palace his brother Prince Willliam and his beloved 96-year-old grandmother. Meghan is said to be concerned after their last visit to Balmoral. It's unclear who Meghan or Harry would have shared this personal information with as they know they are high profile and anything they say will be used against them.`

The marriage would be in trouble if the Sussexs disagree on which continent to live

If Harry longs to be back in the royal fold what would that mean for his marriage? Meghan is said to have endured racism, and criticism of her son Archie so why would she even consider returning? Although these are only rumors is it possible, however, that the Prince realizes the grass is not greener on American soil? Harry was said to be frantic to save his wife from the same fate his mother Princess Diana met but in his haste, he may not have counted the cost of leaving England behind.

The Duke of Sussex has acknowledged that he misses his family but perhaps he did to realize how much. If the rumors are true and Harry longs to be near his family this will no doubt cause friction in his marriage. The Britons made their dislike of Meghan quite clear and she will not desire to return to such a life. There is also the issue of their tell-all book and what it will reveal about the Royal family.

Would both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle be welcomed back or only the prince alone? Would he leave his wife and children behind to go back to palace life and would Meghan attempt to keep him from Archie and Lillibet if they separated? Stay tuned for updates because there is always more to come where the Royals

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