"Mum & Dad" WhatsApp scam could cost you money

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WhatsApp scam is invading Britton

There is a new scheme that has been designed to part you from your hard-earned money that has been dubbed the "Mum & Dad WhatsApp scam." According to The Sun, British police are reporting a steady rise in complaints about parents receiving messages, allegedly from their children asking for funds from unknown phone numbers.

Authorities suggest that should you get such a message you call individuals back on the known phone number you have to verify that it is really them. Cybercrooks never stop finding new and more devious ways to steal and this new ploy is said to be emptying victims' bank accounts because the perpetrators pretend they are friends or family members.

One phone call is all it takes

The thieves run the scam by asking for a bank transfer for an urgent need such as an unpaid bill, and then take the money and run. British citizens are being warned to be on the alert and according to Tech Times one phone call could lock your account and cost you all of your money and the hackers could gain access to your contacts and put your friends and family at risk of the scam.

Chris Ainsley is the head of fraud risk management at Santander Uk. He revealed that these types of scams have appeared on other messaging forms, in addition to WhatsApp in the form of text messages to mobile phones.

Protect yourself from being scammed

Ainsley said: “We saw a significant spate in fake WhatsApp messages pretending to be from people’s children,”That’s still ongoing. It’s picked up again in the last month where we’re not just seeing it through WhatsApp but on ‘traditional’ SMS or text messages. “Someone just sends you a text message saying: ‘Hi dad,’ or ‘Hi mum,’ but then they just try to engineer the person into sending them a couple of thousand pounds in some cases.”

The Kent Police Economic Crime Unit tweeted the following on Wednesday: "Across the country, there has been an increase in the 'mum & dad' scam. Never assume or believe that a message asking for money is genuine and confirm by ringing the person on a number that you know."

There have been no reports of the "Mum & Dad WhatsApp scam" in America but US parents should be mindful of the fraudulent scheme anyway.

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