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A beagle puppy and his mother are the first of 62 rescued dogs to find a foster home

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First rescued puppy to go to foster homeWDBJ 7

The beginning of a happy ending

If you have been following the story of the beagles who were rescued from a laboratory in Culpeper Virginia it's time to pull out your tissues and have a good cry. For readers who are not familiar the animals were being mistreated while utilized for research and scientific experimentation. There were more than 4,000 beagles who were rescued and 64 of those found their way to Angels of Assissi in Roanoke where they will receive medical care and TLC until they find foster homes and ultimately a fur-ever home.

WDBJ7 is reporting that the first two dogs, a mother and her pup have just been released to a foster home. The puppy is in the above photo and seems to have a bit of apprehension but the good news is that both animals are out of the shelter and now are with a loving foster family.

The pair received checkups and vaccines before going home with Jenny Roberts who will temporarily foster them. They will remain with Roberts until the puppy is at least 8 weeks old and ready to be adopted. Perhaps both beagles will be adopted by the same person so they can remain together, at least for now.

This is the first time the beagles have been in a home environment

Roberts told WDBJ 7 that she knew immediately she wanted to help Angels of Assisi with the rescued beagles. She added that she wants to "give them all new changes that they weren’t going to have otherwise.” In the video, she pointed out that dogs were sniffing the fresh. After being locked up for so long they no doubt appreciate their newfound freedom.

The Angels of Assisi Facebook page announced that the nursing mom and her puppy were the first to leave their shelter. Angels said a medical team examined, dewormed, microchipped, and vaccinated the mom, and she also had full blood work done. Her name is Reba and she was estimated to be at least six years old. The Facebook post also revealed that Reba and her puppy whose name is Rocky, are "quickly settling into their foster home". The Angels also had this to say:

"We are so thankful for patient foster families like theirs who are willing to work with them and give them the decompression time they so desperately need. Please stay tuned for more updates on these sweet dogs. Please consider making a contribution to our Biscuit Fund to help cover the cost of medical care for these sweet dogs who have faced so much neglect and abuse."

This is the first time these beagles have ever been in a home environment which is quite sad but makes their rescue all the more special. Angels of Assissi does not receive funding from any local, state, or federal source nor any national animal advocacy organization. They rely solely on the work they do in the community and their loyal supporters. This is an ongoing story and updates will be provided as they come in.

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