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Ice cream truck helps Lynchburg residents beat the heat

Cheryl E Preston
Robert Jacobs the Good Humor ice cream manWSET

Lynchburg man helps residents deal with near record high temperatures

Robert Jacobs has found a way to help Lynchburg residents beat the sweltering heat. He dresses up as a classic Good Humor ice cream man and drives around in a 1967 white Ford F-100 ice cream truck. WSLS quotes the 68-year-old as saying "I mean, it’s hot that’s for sure. I don’t have any air conditioning. A lot of trucks do. I just have this little fan,”

Jacobs said he sees more customers on days when temperatures soar even as he attempts to keep himself cool. The truck does not have air conditioning so the Good Humor man says he drinks a lot of water and once in a while eats some of his own products. Temperatures in Lynchburg are expected to be near record highs over the weekend and the ice cream truck will be out and about.

Good humor to the rescue

Jacobs, who retired a few years ago owns Pop’s Good Humor Ice Cream Truck and told WSET News that he offers 15 different selections of the cool treat. This includes ice cream sandwiches Snickers bars, and even original old-school Good Humor bars with afforable prices ranging from $2.00 to $3.50.

WSET13 says temperatures will feel like 3 digets over the weekend so Jacobs will no doubt see his business increase. He told the reporter that the truck reminded him of his childhood days in Baltimore which is why he began selling ice cream in April. When asked how he woould keep himsef cool (without air conditioning) he replied that he will do the best he can. If you live in the Hill City be on the lookout for Robert Jacobs the Good Humor man.

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