Virginia residents warned to be on the lookout for baby turkeys

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Warning-baby turkey crossing

Almost everyone has seen a sign warning of a deer crossing, animal crossing, or one that warns to be watching out for falling rocks. Any one of these could be hazardous to a vehicle and especially to humans. How many, however, have ever been told to be on on guard for baby turkeys in the midst? The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources is now issuing a warning to residents of the state to be on the lookout for "turkey crossing"s.

Residents of the Commonwealth are being urged to watch out when walking or driving because this is the season when "poults" (tiny turkeys) are on the loose. This is the time of year when baby turkeys hatch, and often are seen out and about walking with their mothers near nesting areas in grassy or wooded locations.
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Look out for the poults

If you live in the state of Virginia please be advised that these young birds have not yet developed their flight feathers which means they are not able to fly away from danger. It takes several weeks after hatching before their wings develop properly and they can fly to a roost. Newly hatched poults leave their nests within 12 to 24 hours and are able to walk around. It takes about 8 to 14 days before they are able to fly well enough to roost in trees.

Virginia’s wild turkey population is estimated to be approximately 180,000 birds but are not uniform across the Commonwealth. The highest population of this fowl's densities can be found in the Tidewater, South Mountain, and South Piedmont regions. If you live in or will be visiting one of these areas of high turkey traffic please beon guard. If you live in other areas of the state keep the warning in mind anyway.

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