Woman who survived flood in a tree is reunited with her dog that was swept away

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Patty Mullins and her dog Vayda are reunited after the Buchannan County FloodEmily Ball Bristol Herald Currier

A miracle in the midst of tragedy

The old adage that truth is stranger than fiction is certainly true in the case of a Buchannan County, Virginia woman who survived the recent flood. There has been a lot of damage but thankfully there have not been any reports of loss of life. According to the Bristol Herald Currier, Patty Mullins has benefited from miracle after miracle in this unbelievable situation and lived to tell her amazing story.

Last Tuesday night Patty's two-year-old black Labrador Vayda woke her from her sleep when a flash flood was taking place. Water from Dismal Creek quickly entered the 67-year-old woman's bedroom and rose to over one foot high. The duo climed through a bedroom window and Mullins climbed on top of her truck to escape the raging water.

She was no, however,t strong enough to lift her 70-pound pet companion, and Vayda was swept away in flood water early Wednesday morning. Mullins was able to climb into a nearby tree where she remained through the night by holding onto the branches. This may sound like a scene from a movie but it was very real and traumatizing for the senior citizen.

A happy ending for a woman and her pet

After her amazing survival story and the heroics of her dog hit the news the word spread throughout the community. Soon after Mullins received a call she could not believe was true. A dog fitting Vayda's description was spotted at a house across from Twin Valley High School which was more than a mile away from where they lived.

The flood survivor said her prayers were answered when on Thursday her aunt Peggy Keen drove her to the location and she realized the dog was indeed her beloved pet. At first, Vayda did not recognize her owner but now the two have been reunited. A grateful Mullins had this to say on Friday. “I have been so blessed. I got my puppy dog back and have a place to stay,” Truly a happy ending for both the pet owner and her pet.

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