John Hinkley plans a "Redemption Tour" upon full release from his restrictions.

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John Hinkley Jr. then and now.Inside Edition

On March 30, 1981, just two months after his first inauguration President Ronald Reagan, was shot and wounded by John Hinklely Jr. Police officer Thomas Delahanty, and secret service agent Tim McCarthy were also injured by gunfire. Press Secretary James Brady was critically wounded and his injuries led to his being in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Hinckley was infatuated with and stalked actress Jodie Foster at the time and said he shot the president in an attempt to gain Foster's attention. A jury found Hinkley not guilty by reason of insanity and he was confined to a mental hospital in Washington. In 2003. after over two decades of incarceration Hinkley was allowed to live in the community. He was granted longer periods of time as long as he met certain requirements. These included obtaining therapy and obeying restrictions on where he can travel. In 2016 he began living full-time in Virginia while continuing the restrictions.

In June 2022 the 67-year-old will be granted full release with all restrictions lifted and will embark on the John Hinkley redemption tour in July. Hinkley has been allowed to pursue his musical career through his YouTube channel. He previously shared his music and art anonymously. He emailed Rolling Stone last year. and announced the following: “I’m now pursuing a music career. I write country songs mostly and I’ve just finished two songs…I’m hoping you’ll take an interest in my music career.”

Hinkley has written a letter of apology to Foster and the judge ruled that he has not been displaying any signs of mental illness. At this time a concert is scheduled for July in Brooklyn, New York but appearances in Chicago and Connecticut have been canceled.

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