Worst Ways to Announce your Pregnancy

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We've seen all sorts of pregnancy announcements, from sweet YouTube videos to custom t-shirts and plays on words. Here are a few that - given the chance - we'd like to unsee. Some of these antics might be best employed at a bachelor party, but they definitely don't belong in the "major family announcement" category.


Text Message

Ever been dumped via text or email? It probably didn't make you feel very special. When your kid asks someday how you broke the news to the family, the story shouldn't include short keys, emojis or SMS charges. But hey, if that's how your family rolls, do your thing! It actually may be kind of funny to add, "PS I'm pregnant" at the end of your grocery-text list.

Including your Ultrasound in Holiday Cards

Yes, we've actually been on the receiving end of this one. "Happy Holidays, here's my uterus!" It may seem like a fun play on the baby Jesus theme, but you're better off keeping the graphics separate from the festive cheer. This can also be hurtful for people who have experienced a miscarriage and may already be having a rough holiday season.

With a Stripper

We can see how this idea sounds unique and entertaining, especially if you have a pal with an upcoming bachelor party to take advantage of. "Hey, I'll have a sexy lady prance around with the guys and announce to my husband that I'll probably NEVER look like her again!" Awkward. Aroused and fatherly are two feelings that just don't go well hand-in-hand.

Prego my Eggo

Yes, Juno managed to pull off a lot of strange food references in the ultimate adoption movie. But posing with a jar of marinara sauce or a waffle is super weird (especially now that that movie is over a decade old, yikes). I know it's hard to resist, but - if you can help it - try to keep the focus on you, not on the refrigerated props.

At Your Sister's Wedding

You've got the whole family there so why not kill two birds with one stone by giving a big baby-welcoming toast, right? Wrong. Spotlight-stealing isn't cool. Nobody likes to be one-upped, so you're better off keeping mum for now.

With Wine

This is another humorous play on the downside of pregnancy, but it often falls flat. “We've brought you all our wine since we can't have it for the next nine months!” Ultimately, this move might leave the pregnant mom feeling a little left out of her own celebration.

The Dad Bump

We have seen WAY too many “dad pregnancy poses” in recent years. Okay, dads. We get it. You drink a six pack a day. That's really not the same as hovering over the toilet bowl for months on end and growing a human inside your stomach region. But nice try, your bump is also totally adorbs.

The Pee Stick

If you do a search for "how to announce pregnancy," you'll also get a slew of suggested results asking then is "safe" to announce pregnancy, and what week miscarriages typically occur. While the pee stick thing can be a sweet surprise between two partners, that phase is pretty early to announce to the general public because there's still so much risk of loss. It's also a super weird mental image for aquaintances to find themselves staring at an object that somebody urinated on!

Better ideas for announcing pregnancy:

  • An honest conversation. Let's face it, there are times when a pregnancy announcement may come as a bit of a shock. Depending on age, relationship factors, living situation and more... sometimes it's best to just sit folks down and tell them face-to-face that you've got a bun in the oven (euphemisms should definitely be left up to your discretion, but I personally adore them).
  • A t-shirt on an older sibling. It's super funny to watch your partner prance around, totally oblivious to the literally sign directly in front of their face.
  • A letter board. This move has been popular lately. Do a photoshoot with a simple letter board that includes details such as the due date and gender (if the couple's announcing that information). With online communication ruling the landscape lately, slapping this on Facebook and Instagram or into an email can be an effective way to spread the news to extended friends and family.
  • Props. Hold some baby shoes in a photo, or a bottle and diapers, onesies, etc. Sometimes the most effective way to get the message across is to show those details that are in your future. People don't need a ton of information if you're not inclined to give it. You and your partner clutching a stroller should do the trick.
  • Try a creative pregnancy announcement involving your passions. If you love to fish, pose with some teenie-weenie waders! Is your family into skiing? Craft some hilariously itty-bitty skis and booties. I've seen pilots announce by holding a tiny pilot hat with "Baby" embroidered on the front. There are a ton of different, fun ways to personalize your announcement for your family.
  • Wait as long as you want. I have friends who haven't announced until there was literally a baby in their arms. In this day and age of social distancing and remote work, it's pretty easy to keep things under wraps as long as you want. Remember that there is no set timeline, and you're free to let people know as early or as late as you'd like.
  • Get pets involved. Some of the funnient announcements I've seen have involved beloved pets clutching a sign, looking forelorn or excited (depending on their personality). Whether they're being booted from their beloved spot at the foot of the bed or they're going to soon be sharing mom and dad's attention (and joy!), dogs and cats can bring a sweet, special twist to the situation.

No matter what you do, make sure to customize your announcement to the audience. If you have a dear friend who has experienced pregnancy loss, let them know before splashing your joy on social media. If you have a sibling who may be trying to conceive, have a conversation with them so they aren't surprised. Perhaps consider telling grandparents face-to-face so that they don't get caught off-guard by a friend or neighbor.

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