Eligibility Details for Latest California Golden State Stimulus Checks


Find out for sure if you and your household are eligible for this latest batch of payments.

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Golden State residents who file taxes in California need to be on the alert for the latest round of stimulus checks, currently being disbursed to 2020 taxpayers.

Many people are confused about the stimulus payments, identified as Golden State Stimulus l (GSS l) and Golden State Stimulus ll (GSS ll).

To clear things up so you can determine if you're eligible for the money, here are the facts regarding eligibility for each of these payments.

Please be advised, if you would like the specifics on what you and your household might be eligible for, you can visit the State of California Franchise Tax Board. The site provides a stimulus estimator, to help you determine the amount you can expect, and when you can expect it.

But before you do that, check out the details. The following information is solely provided to allow you to determine if you qualify for one or both stimulus checks.

Golden State Stimulus l - If you earned an income in 2020 - even if it was $1 (and no more than 75,000), and no other taxpayer claims you as a dependent, you are eligible for this stimulus, just as long as one of the two conditions apply:

  • CONDITION A - You filed (or will file before the deadline) a 2020 tax return AND you're eligible for the CalEITC. This stands for California Earned Income Tax Credit, and to receive it, you must be at least 19 years old, unless you have a child (if you have a child, you can be any age).
  • CONDITION B - You filed (or will file before the deadline) a 2020 tax return, using an ITIN (not a social security number)

If you believe you meet the criteria for this payment, you can proceed to the website for more details about the payments, or simply go forward with filing your 2020 tax return, before October 15, 2021.

For taxpayers who need to file their taxes with an ITIN number, the number needs to be on the tax form, so if you applied for an ITIN, and haven't received it yet, you'll need to wait to file your taxes. If you have one pending, but you haven't received it in time (by October 15, 2021), you will still have until February 2022 to file and claim the stimulus.

Golden State Stimulus ll - If you earned an income in 2020 - even if it was $1 (and no more than 75,000), and no other taxpayer claims you as a dependent,

Unlike the GSS l, the GSS ll stimulus is for typical taxpayers who filed (or will file) a 2020 tax return, using a social security number, NOT an ITIN number. Also, you don't have to meet the same eligibility requirements for the CalEITC, like you do if you want to receive the GSS l stimulus.

So for clarity, you are eligible for the Golden State Stimulus ll if the following applies:

  • You did NOT qualify for the GSS I
  • You did NOT claim a credit for 1 or more dependents on your 2020 tax return.

Once again, if you believe you meet the criteria for the GSS ll stimulus payment, continue to the website and get additional information about your potential payment, or go on and file your 2020 tax return, before October 15, 2021.

Remember, it is possible to qualify for BOTH stimulus checks, so read the details closely, when determining your eligibility. And be sure to pass this information on, so no one will have to miss out on receiving the much needed stimulus payments they may be eligible for.

Visit: Cal.gov Golden State Stimulus

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