Tell you my true feelings for Eight and Sand after two times visits

Visited Eight and Sand two different times to give myself some time to craft this review. The first visit was on a very busy Sunday morning (around 11ish) after hiking Crowder's Mtn. We went on a whim and we totally lucked out with a parking space out front and we must have just got in in-between the brunch rush. Every table was taken, but I slowly figured out that the line up front (to order) really dictates the pace of people ordering and eating. You may spend a lot of time waiting in line, but it helps with getting people up and out of tables that are quickly bused and ready for you to sit down.

My second visit was also on a Sunday, but my visit was around 8 am. WAY LESS busy, but there were some folks at a couple tables. It really seemed to pick up around 10ish. But I got a sausage egg and cheese sandwich with an americano. My first visit was closer to lunch, so I was torn and got a Chicken Avocado Melt which was delicious as well.

For the size of the place, I think they have MAXIMIZED every inch with the mixture of communal high top tables and the regular low tops. My 2nd visit also let me see a person on a laptop so it's a nice enough space to work in and get some coffee (to start a Sunday) before the brunch rush. The open kitchen takes away the "veil" of the magic behind the kitchen but still very modern and keeping with the overall vibe of the place.

The baked goods and pastries are displayed at the counter (great for marketing, not-so-great on the waistline) but it looks like first-come-first serve so all the more reason to come early. There's also a walk up counter with a few stools if you have a small party or don't want a table.

Overall the staff and food have been great both visits. I want to try more things on their menu (farm-to-table). It's not everyday that you have more than one vegan item on a breakfast menu.

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