Meta-Physical Healing: Can You Heal Yourself With Positive, Loving Thoughts?

Charlotte Allison
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A thought experiment yields amazing results.

Healing From Within

Can we heal ourselves through meta-physical means alone without traditional medicine? Can we heal our body just by forgiving and releasing resentment? Just by thinking loving and positive thoughts?

There have been claims of complete healing from severe illness using meta-physical methods alone.

Louise Hay is one of these people. Hay claims to have healed herself completely through meta-physical means alone. In her book, “You Can Heal Your Life”, Hay claims to have healed herself from cancer using meta-physical methods alone.

When Hay discovered she had cancer, she went to work on healing the mental patterns that created the cancer. Hay contends that cancer is a disease of deep resentment. Hay therefore worked on healing and releasing the patterns of resentment that had built up over the years.

Hay developed compassion for those who had harmed her as a child, which helped her to forgive them. Forgiveness is essential in healing both our body and our life, according to Louise Hay.

Louise Hay claims that when she returned to the doctor’s office six months later, they confirmed what she already knew. That there wasn’t a trace of cancer in her body.

The Power of Thought.

Louise Hay also claims that every cell in our body is affected by and responds to our thoughts. Therefore, if we think positive and loving thoughts, we can literally change diseased cells into healthy cells.

There are others in the meta-physical field that have also endorsed this claim. The Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto conducted some experiments on thoughts.

In one experiment Emoto took bottles of distilled water and taped a positive or negative message on each bottle. Photographs of the results were amazing. The water bottles with the positive messages created beautiful snowflake like images. And the bottles with negative messages created mud like images.

For further demonstration, Emoto took polluted water from a dam that when first photographed looked like mud. He then had a Zen Buddhist Monk chant and pray over it for an hour. When photographed after the chanting and praying, Emoto once again found that the water had created beautiful snowflake like images.

What These Experiments Imply for Us in Terms of Healing

When considering that our bodies are comprised of 75% water, you can imagine the potential of healing with positive sounds, affirmations, and thoughts. Therefore, claims that we can change diseased cells into health cells by thinking loving and positive thoughts may be perfectly valid.

I believe that it is possible to heal ourselves through spiritual and meta-physical means alone. However, I personally feel that it’s best to use spiritual and meta-physical healing methods in conjunction with traditional medicine and psychotherapy.

I believe combining spiritual methods with traditional medicine results in the deepest level of healing possible.

The Future of Healing

What does this mean for our future?

Will there come a time when we no longer need traditional medicine because will be able to heal our own body?

I believe it is possible. But not enough people have that belief in their consciousness yet. As our consciousness evolves, perhaps there will come a time when we will be able to heal ourselves without the use of traditional medicine. But will instead, be able to heal ourselves from within. This is the basic premise of spiritual and meta-physical healing. That we can heal our mind and body from within.

I believe it is possible. But mass consciousness is not at that level yet. Perhaps hundreds of years from now the field of medicine and healing will look quite different.

What do you think about the future of medicine and healing?

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