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It’s a Spy - It’s a Drone - It’s an Alien Balloon

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With all the talk of Chinese spy balloons, an old familiar conversation is being resurrected. If you have not watched or read any news lately and are in the dark, let us enlighten you.

What is being suspected as a “Chinese Spy Balloon” may have crossed over our great state. The exact location of the balloon was hard to pinpoint due to the possibility of it being steerable and changing directions.

There were other reports that it had been spotted near sensitive United States military installations and the Pentagon acknowledged additional reports of a second balloon that had been spotted flying over Latin America.

According to the WKRN, the balloon may have flown over the eastern side of our state. However, it likely was not visible to those who were looking for it.

This is because it would have been flying over us in the dark, so it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to see it.

This news has aided in resurrecting the age-old UFO phenomenon. One Powell witness reported watching a rectangle-shaped object along I-75 South. According to the witness’ testimony to the National UFO Reporting Center, NUFORC, they noticed the object while entering I-75 South.

It appeared to be following his vehicle as he drove and the object matched whatever speed the witness was doing, which was not disclosed.

The witness was quoted stating that “…originally…white in color [the object was] following from about a mile away…when I got to the…exit, it came within 200 feet”. They did not see the object after turning onto the main road in Powell.

In Memphis, a commercial pilot was flying over the city and reported watching a round and white object with a lighted moving object inside of it, according to testimony from the National UFO Reporting Center. This observation lasted around five minutes.

The pilot claimed the sky conditions were clear with unlimited visibility. So much so that, he said that there were no moon illuminations present in the sky and that it was riddled with stars.

He also said the glowing object moved slowly and after a few minutes it began to dissipate and then vanished within a minute.

Charleston is no stranger to these types of events. Back in 2021 Maria Strozier took to Facebook when her morning was disrupted by something very strange above her home off Dry Valley Road.

Strozier’s post read “…I saw something very large and oblong completely silent floating above our neighborhood at 6 [am] this morning”. She continued “I don’t know if it was a weather balloon…hot air balloon or what”.

After asking if anyone else witnessed it, the post concluded with “…it seemed to be moving South [and] at one point I saw a red light towards the bottom of it”.

It was not long for people began to comment. Eddie Evans asked what she had been drinking while Cynthia Geiser took a more practical approach. Her comment read “…a drone hovering between here and the neighbor [not] very big [but] enough for my…eyes to see it in the dark”.

Strozier dismissed Geiser by explaining what she saw was very large while poking fun at Evans comical comment “…nothing at 6[am]”.

A profile known as only “Hiwassee Resident” put up a photo of aliens that read “it was just us heading home” while Debbie Nadeau too believed it to be a drone. Her comment read “…they fly over our area a lot…it freaked me out [I used] my binoculars”.

Whether it was the Hiwassee Resident flying home or a Charleston Spy Balloon, we may never know.

At least we are at peace knowing we live in or around one of the greatest towns our state has to offer, Charleston.

Our state was rated 14th in the US for UFO sightings in January and already has had 10 cases filed since the turn of the month, according to MUFON. Our state also shared January ratings with Ohio, while California topped the list with 62 cases.

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