Virginia Named On The U.S. News List of The 10 Best States in America


Every year U.S. News produces a list of the best states in America. This list is compiled based on 71 metrics including but not limited to health care, education, economy, infrastructure, opportunity, fiscal stability, crime & corrections, and natural environment.

Among all 50 states in America, Virginia landed on the number 7 spot as one of the best states in the country.

Virginia Is Ranked 7th Best State in America

Virginia was one of the first of the 13 colonies. In 1607 Jamestown was founded along the James River. Virginia was once the home to the first president of the country, George Washington, and even Thomas Jefferson.

During the Civil War between the years 1861 and 1865, the city of Richmond actually became the capital of the Confederacy.

Virginia is now home to multiple government bureaucracies, military bases, and a massive shipbuilding enterprise.

Virginia’s economy is as diverse as the shipbuilding on the southern shore, the farming and tobacco-growing of rural areas, seafood harvesting along the Atlantic coast and rivers, the apple-growing capital of Winchester in the northwest, wineries spread among the countryside, and the technology companies of the suburban Washington corridor.

Read more about how U.S. News ranked these states: For the weighting of the Best States rankings, U.S. News wanted to use an objective measure reflecting the priorities of citizens for their state governments. An annual survey asked Americans how satisfied they were with various state government services and where they thought their state governments should focus resources. The weights for the 2021 Best States rankings are based on the average of responses from three surveys: one conducted in fall 2017 that included 20,100 respondents from all 50 states, a second conducted in the winter of 2018-19 that included 23,400 respondents from all 50 states, and a third conducted in the winter of 2020-21 that included 26,300 respondents, also from all 50 states. Survey respondents were adults age 18 and older who collectively represent all U.S. adults. The survey results were weighted to be representative of the country's population across all ages, genders, ethnicities, and household incomes.

Here are the other states that made the list of the 10 best states in America.

1. Washington

Capital: Olympia

Population: 7,614,893

Median household income: $78,687

GDP: $613.00 billion

2. Minnesota

Capital: St. Paul

Population: 5,639,632

Median household income: $74,593

GDP: $383.78 billion

3. Utah

Capital: Salt Lake City

Population: 3,205,958

Median household income: $75,780

GDP: $192.52 billion

4. New Hampshire

Capital: Concord

Population: 1,359,711

Median household income: $77,933

GDP: $87.63 billion

5. Idaho

Capital: Boise

Population: 1,787,065

Median household income: $60,999

GDP: $83.67 billion

6. Nebraska

Capital: Lincoln

Population: 1,934,408

Median household income: $63,229

GDP: $130.01 billion

8. Wisconsin

Capital: Madison

Population: 5,822,434

Median household income: $64,168

GDP: $349.42 billion

9. Massachusetts

Capital: Boston

Population: 6,892,503

Median household income: $85,843

GDP: $596.59 billion

10. Florida

Capital: Tallahassee

Population: 21,477,737

Median household income: $59,227

GDP: $1.11 trillion

Virginia residents, what do you think of this ranking? Do you agree that Virginia is the 7th best state to live in within the United States? Let us know in the comments!

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