Virginia City On List of Most Expensive Cities in the U.S.


From every corner of the United States, the most expensive cities have been ranked. Eleven cities in total made the list of the most expensive cities in the country.

Arlington, Virginia came in at the number 11 spot on the list.

The findings, from Kiplinger, state that the cost of living index is based on price data collected during the first quarter of 2022. City-level data on populations, household incomes, and home values come from the U.S. Census Bureau. City unemployment rates, which are not seasonally adjusted, are courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the month of June 2022, which are the latest available data. The U.S. unemployment rate is seasonally adjusted for the month of July 2022. For the purposes of finalizing this list, the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan were treated as separate cities.

Furthermore, the article stipulates that residents are willing to pay extra for everything from housing to food to gas if it allows them to live someplace with great weather. Others are looking for cosmopolitan living, with a host of restaurants, museums, and other cultural options on tap. To determine just how much the most expensive cities in the U.S. can really cost, the article utilized the latest data from the Council for Community and Economic Research.

There's no denying that people who can afford it, will pay a premium price for a location that offers them access to beaches, exclusive shopping, and the ability to live amongst like-minded people.

Arlington, Virginia

Washington, D.C., and its close-in suburbs such as Arlington are a magnet for the highly educated seeking high-powered jobs. Naturally, many of those ambitious folks are highly paid, and the region's prices reflect that.

Arlington is glorious, ripe with some of America's prolific monuments and institutions such as the Pentagon. The average school test scores in Arlington are 25% higher than the national average, and Arlington residents are among some of the most educated in the nation with 72% of the population holding bachelor’s degrees.

With a crime rate 61% lower than the national average, lots of green space, a hot housing market, a lively restaurant and bar scene, and an unemployment rate of 2.8%, Arlington is an excellent place for singles, young professionals, families, military personnel, and retirees to live.

Housing-related expenses, which include rents and mortgages, are 2.3 times greater than the national average. Groceries, transportation, and miscellaneous goods and services are 10% to 11% more expensive, while healthcare costs are 14% higher.

Here are the stats that give Arlington the title of being the 11th most expensive state in the country.

  • Cost of living: 47.1% above U.S. average
  • City population: 236,434
  • Median household income: $122,604 (U.S.: $64,994)
  • Median home value: $731,700 (U.S.: $229,800)
  • Unemployment rate: 2.1% (U.S.: 3.5%)

Kiplinger listed the following cities as the other most expensive places in the U.S.:

10. Oakland, California 

9. Seattle, Washington

8. Boston, Massachusetts

7. Los Angeles, California

6. Orange County, California

5. Washington, District of Columbia

4. Brooklyn, New York

3. San Francisco, California

2. Honolulu, Hawaii

1. Manhattan, New York

Arlington residents, do you agree with these rankings? What do you think of Arlington? Let us know in the comments!

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