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Rhode Island--Haunted 'The Conjuring' Home Sells For More Than $1.5M--Would You Buy It?


Unless you've been sleeping under a rock, there's no doubt you've likely heard of The Conjuring. It's considered one of the scariest stories and films of all time.

What makes it so scary? The entire premise is based on a true story that just so happens to be located in Burrillville, Rhode Island.

The famous home where The Conjuring occurred and the real events of the story recently sold for a staggering $1.525 million which is well above the $1.2 million asking price. The proud new owner Jacqueline Nuñez, owner of WonderGroup LLC stated, “This purchase is personal for me. It’s not a real-estate development. It’s around my own beliefs.”

The sellers of the home, Cory and Jennifer Heinzen, broadcasted the sale via Facebook Live. Allegedly, the Heinzen's will remain involved with the operations of the home and it will still be available for tours and paranormal visits.

So what is the real story of The Conjuring?

The news outlet All That's Interesting documents the true story of The Conjuring in an article they posted:

"The true story of The Conjuring begins with the first film which focuses on the Perron family.

In January 1971, the Perron family moved into a 14-room farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island, where Carolyn, Roger, and their five daughters began to notice strange things happening almost immediately after they moved in.

It started small. Carolyn would notice that the broom went missing, or seemed to move from place to place on its own. She would hear the sound of something scraping against the kettle in the kitchen when no one was in there. She’d find small piles of dirt in the center of a newly-cleaned kitchen floor.

The girls began to notice spirits around the house, though for the most part, they were harmless. There were a few, however, that were angry.

Carolyn allegedly researched the history of the home and discovered that it had been in the same family for eight generations and that many of them had died under mysterious or horrible circumstances. Several of the children had drowned in a nearby creek, one was murdered, and a few of them hanged themselves in the attic.

The spirit that was depicted in the film, Bathsheba, was the worst of them all."

It turns out that Bathseba was a real person named Bathsheba Sherman. She was a suspected satanist who was allegedly the murderer of a young child in the haunted neighborhood. A trial never took place.

The story claims that renowned demonists, Ed and Lorraine performed a seance to attempt to communicate with Bathsheba.

"According to Andrea, the family experienced other spirits as well that smelled like rotting flesh and would cause beds to rise off the floor. She claims her father would enter the basement and feel a “cold, stinking presence behind him.” They often stayed away from the dirt-floored cellar, but the heating equipment would often fail mysteriously, causing Roger to venture down.

Over the ten years that the family lived in the house, the Warrens made multiple trips to investigate. At one point, Lorraine conducted a seance to attempt to contact the spirits that were possessing the family. During the seance, Carolyn Perron became possessed, speaking in tongues and rising from the ground in her chair."

So the real question is, would you ever purchase the home? Have you ever visited this famous home? Let us know in the comments!

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