Texas border illegal immigration at a 22-year high--are you concerned?


In March of this year, the United States Border Patrol reported a record number of illegal migrants entering the country.

U.S. Border Patrol reported 221,303 migrants along the southwest border in the Texas area in March of 2022.

Under Title 42, around 109,549 illegal immigrants were apprehended and expelled.

The previous highest mark of people entering was in March of 2000 with 220,063 people arrested at the border.

These findings are a part of a lawsuit filed by 18 states in an effort to stop President Biden's administration from ending Title 42.

"Title 42 expulsions are removals by the U.S. government of persons who have recently been in a country where a communicable disease was present. The extent of authority for contagion-related expulsions is set out by law in 42 U.S.C. § 265. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trump administration used this provision (section 265) to generally block land entry for many migrants. The program has been continued by the Biden administration.

The program allows the US Border Patrol and US Customs and Border Protection to prohibit the entry of persons who potentially pose a health risk by being subject to previously-announced travel restrictions or because by unlawfully entering the country to bypass health-screening measures. Its use was implemented under the Trump administration and has continued under the Biden administration to prohibit asylum seekers from lawfully petitioning for asylum in the United States. Persons subject to the order are not held in congregate areas for processing and are instead immediately expelled to their country of last transit. If they are unable to be returned to the country of last transit, the Border Patrol will work with its interagency partners to expel the person to their country of origin. Expulsions under Title 42 are not based on immigration status and are tracked separately from immigration."

What does ending Title 42 mean for illegal immigration numbers?

The Biden administration seems intent on trying to end Title 42 despite massive concerns that ending this program will lead to a rise in illegal immigration into the United States.

There have been vocal opponents not ending Title 42. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer made his opinion about Title 42 known in a recent statement, "This is not who we are as a country," Schumer said earlier this month. "Continuing this Trump-era policy defies common sense and common decency. Now's the time to stop the madness. President Biden must fulfill his promise to fully restore our refugee laws, bring order to the border and stop the use of Title 42 to justify these deportations."

In opposition to this viewpoint, Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas reports, "The president will rescind Title 42 after refusing to properly implement MPP is setting the stage for hundreds of thousands more illegal encounters and the continued flow of deadly drugs that will poison our communities, as well as opening the door to further human trafficking and misery."

Texas Governor Abbott has not been shy about voicing his objection to Biden's border policies. Recently, he weighed on the prospect of title 42 potentially ending, “One thing that we know for a fact, and that is there are maybe as many as 100,000 migrants who are across the border waiting to cross into the state of Texas,” Abbott said. “And we as a state, we being the local communities that are represented here in this room today, they're all dealing with the enormous challenge of having a tidal wave of people come into their communities.

Texas residents, what is your viewpoint about illegal immigration along the Texas southwest border? Are you concerned? Let us know in the comments!

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