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Richest neighborhoods in Fort Worth--would you live here?


You know what they say. Everything is bigger in Texas! This city's population is growing substantially with a current people count of 958,692.

With a population this big, it's no wonder that some of the wealthiest places to live are in For Worth. We found the richest neighborhoods in this big city, and the results are shocking.

#1-Westover Hills

At the top of our list is Westover Hills with a median home price of $1,279,797. This expansive neighborhood is more expensive than 99.3% of the neighborhoods in Texas and 97.3% of the neighborhoods in the U.S.

Interestingly enough, the vacancy rate here is 18.8% which is typically indicative of new construction that's not yet occupied. Also of note, 0.5% of this neighborhood's residents have Czechoslovakian ancestry. Residents who live here are wealthy. In fact, this place has a higher income level than 52.6% of the neighborhoods in America.

#2-Overton Woods

The Overton Woods area of Fort Worth, Texas has a median home price of $982,866. Real estate is limited in this coveted neighborhood. A new construction build with 5,292 square feet and 6 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms is listed on Redfin in this neighborhood at $1,890,00. You can view the listing here.

Something to note about Overton Woods is that 70.3% of all real estate here are apartments and high-rises. The area is considered suburban based on the population density.

Professionals here make up 53.4% of executive, management, and professional occupations.

#3-Mira Vista

Mira Vista is number three on our list and is situated right next to Pecan Valley Golf Course. The cost to own a home here will run you around $807,462.

Owner-occupied real estate dominates the Mira Vista neighborhood. The homeownership rate is higher than 97.5% of American neighborhoods.

Mira Vista is considered a luxury community, a dream retirement area, and family-friendly.

#4-Crestline Area

Crestline Area is right by the River Crest Country Club. The median home price here is $795,059. This place is made up of 54.2% women and 45.8% men and is more diverse than 35% of U.S. neighborhoods.

People here feel safe because this neighborhood is ranked 44% safer than all U.S. neighborhoods. The most common language spoken here is English. 52.1% of residents are married and around 5.7% are attending college.


The median home price in Tanglewood is $756,775, and the average monthly rental price is $2,065. The vacancy rate is only around 6.4% which is lower than 60.6% of all American neighborhoods.

If you enjoy being around educated people, Tanglewood may be the place for you. In fact, 80.4% of the adults living in the Tanglewood neighborhood have earned at least a bachelor's degree. And if you're looking to retire in Texas, you're in luck because Tanglewood is in the top 6.6% of retiree-friendly neighborhoods in Texas.

A sprawling 3,640 square foot home with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms is priced at $1,000,000 in Tanglewood. You can view the entire listing here.

Fort Worth, Texas residents, what do you think of this list? Would you ever purchase a home here or do you already live here? Let us know in the comments!

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