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Wealthiest neighborhoods in Denver, CO--is it worth the price?


Denver, Colorado is home to the stunning Rocky Mountains and beautiful views. This bolstering city is also full of some of the wealthiest people in the country. We found the top 5 richest neighborhoods in Denver.

#1-Country Club

The Country Club area has a median home price of $1,872,546. This is amazingly more expensive than 99% of other neighborhoods in Colorado. According to the Piton Foundation, "The Country Club neighborhood is bounded by University Boulevard, Cherry Creek, Downing Street, and 8th Avenue."

Country Club is considered urban with around 4,770 people per square mile. College-educated adults are in solid supply in this location. In fact, 90% of adults have their degree which means that's a higher rate than 99.7% of all places in the U.S.

#2-Hilltop West

Coming in second on our list is Hilltop West. This residential neighborhood has a median home price of $1,462,106. Homes on Redfin in this area range in the millions of dollars. One 6,505 square foot home is priced at $4,695,00. A home like this in Hilltop West has 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. The price per square footage is $722 with a monthly payment of $22,814.

Aside from established wealth in this part of Colorado, there are more Belgian and Greek ancestry people living in it than in nearly any neighborhood in America. 1.3% of this neighborhood has people of Belgian ancestry and 2.3% have Greek ancestry.

#3-Cherry Creek

One of the most expensive areas to live in Denver is Cherry Creek. This neighborhood has a median home price of $1,272,817. Not surprisingly, the average rent here is also high compared to other parts of Colorado. Currently, the median monthly rent to live here is $3,210, which is higher than 93.7% of other places in all Colorado.

People in Cherry Creek have one thing in common and that one thing is wealth. They're wealthier than 98.3% of people in neighborhoods in all of the United States.

#4-City Center

City Center in Denver rings in at our fourth wealthiest place to live in Denver. People's homes here have a median price of $1,254,963.

Interestingly enough, 81.4% of the households here are made up of people living alone. This area is also in the top 5% of American neighborhoods in terms of walkability.

#5-Washington Park

Last but not least in Washington park. This urban area has a median home price of $1,229,245. The median monthly rent here is equally at $3,415.

Only 1.1% of America's neighborhoods are wealthier than the Washington Park neighborhood. It's no wonder why families live in this area given schools here are better than 80% of all U.S. schools. When it comes to crime, this place is safer than 38% of U.S. neighborhoods.

The people who live here are 51.7% male and 48.3% female with around 5% currently attending college. Around 1% of residents are in same-sex relationships and 30% of people are heterosexual and are married with children.

A majority of professionals here work in the scientific and technical services industry.

Denver residents, what do you think of this list? Would you ever live in one of these neighborhoods? Let us know in the comments!

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