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Top wealthiest neighborhoods in San Diego--would you live here?


Some of San Diego's wealthiest neighborhoods boast oceanside views, top-tier shopping, some of the country's best restaurants, and more.

Given its scenic views, year-round warm weather, and an atmosphere of fun, it's no wonder people want to live here.

If you're thinking of moving here one day, we found San Diego's wealthiest neighborhoods. Let's take a look.

#1- La Jolla Farms

Arguably the most desirable area of San Diego and the number one most expensive place to live in the beach city is La Jolla Farms. This scenic area is sprinkled with Spanish-style and coastal architectural design and is home to some of San Diego's wealthiest residents.

Real estate in this area is more expensive than 89.3% of the neighborhoods in California, and the median home price is $2,366,725.

Zillow lists a current home for sale in La Jolla located on La Jolla Farms Rd at $14.9 million dollars. A home like this will get you 13.305 square feet but it will cost you around $77,958 a month in mortgage fees. You can view the listing here.

#2-Carmel Valley

Coming in the second spot on our list of wealthiest neighborhoods in San Diego is Camel Valley.

More expensive than 92.8% of the country, Carmel Valley's median real estate cost is the price is $1,702,413.

In today's workday and age, working from home is a highly desirable lifestyle for many professionals. As if the views weren't enough, 24.5% of people in Carmel Valley work from home. And it's no wonder the home prices are expensive in this beach residential area of San Diego, only 3.7% of neighborhoods across America are more expensive than Carmel Valley.

#3-Ashley Falls

The third wealthiest area of SD on our list is Ashley Falls. This magnificent neighborhood is a community of sub-communities including Sonoma, The Palisades, Provence, The Estates, Watercolors, Amador, Private Collection, Palma Del Mar, and Huntington Heights.

The exclusivity of this area is not cheap. The median home price will cost you $2,027,791. Residents of this area have a median household income of $334,872. And with a population of just 3,428, this is one of the wealthiest areas to live in all of Southern California.

#4-Torrey Pines

Torrey Pines is not only the fourth wealthiest place on our list, it's home to one of the most famous golf courses in the United States. Golf all-stars like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have played championships on the Torrey Pines Gold Course this course and it's well known in the Professional Golf Association (PGA) community.

This neighborhood's median real estate price sits around $713,992, and the area has a community of over 13,000 residents. This residential area is also multicultural with 5.6% of this neighborhood's residents being of Arab descent and 1.7% being of Iranian ancestry.

#5-Rancho Santa Fe

The 5th wealthiest spot in San Diego on our list is Rancho Santa Fe. The average household income for San Diego dwellers in this area is $369,026. Unsurprisingly, the average home price is around $3,096,427.

Santa Fe homes boast tennis courses, sprawling swimming pools, and lavish design. It's no wonder it's on this list.

One thing is for certain, in order to live in some of the wealthiest locations in San Diego, California, it costs.

San Diego residents, do you live in any of these neighborhoods? Do you feel this list is an accurate representation of your city? Let us know in the comments!

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