Top 6 Ways To Use Essential Oils In Your Home

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A few years ago, the words "essential oils" made most of us run the other way. Surely someone was trying to sell us something. But, after finally giving them a try myself, I can say that they do have many benefits and are now a common staple in my home. If you are anything like I was a couple of years ago,though, you likely are overwhelmed and confused by all of the essential oil options and uses today. Here are the top 6 ways my family uses essential oils in our home:

1. Headaches

My oldest son gets migraines fairly often and I am frequently hit with tension headaches. Essential oils have done wonders for our headaches. I prefer to use the straight peppermint essential oil while my son prefers to use any of the blends made specifically for headaches. As with all essential oils, they can be diffused with water in an essential oil diffuser or diluted with a carrier oil (like almond oil) and then applied directly onto the skin. When it comes to headaches, essential oil applied to the temples can knock a headache away in just a few minutes.

2. Insomnia

Do you ever have those nights where you just can't relax and calm down? Those nights where you stare at the clock and watch your sleep opportunity literally tick away? Those are the nights we find ourselves turning to either pure Lavender Essential Oil or a sleep blend. As with the oils for headaches, these can be diffused or mixed with a carrier oil and applied to the temples.

3. Colds and Respiratory Viruses

When you have kids, there will inevitably be times where you feel like you are living in a germ factory and few things are worse than the discomfort brought about by a head cold. We love to diffuse eucalyptus essential oil or a breathing based blend of oils. When my children have a cold, I'm extremely generous with the oils, I blend them with a carrier oil, apply to their chest, back, and even the bottoms of their feet AND I diffuse the oils. I don't know that it shortens the illness, but it certainly makes it easier for them to sleep.

4. Sunburns

We've all done it. Despite frequent re-application of sunscreen, wearing gigantic beach hats and trying to hide under rash guards and giant umbrellas, we all have come home with a sunburn on ourselves and our children. While I am always partial to pure aloe to help the sunburn heal, my children have become very fond of how it feels to have a blend of carrier oil and peppermint essential oil applied to their skin before bed after a sunburn.

5. Food Smells

I love cooking but I HATE the way my hands and my kitchen smell after working with garlic and onions. A good lemon or orange essential oil mixed in with a carrier oil can cut through the most offensive food odors. Diffusing these in the kitchen also tends to freshen the air without overpowering the scent of whatever is cooking.

6. Stinky Shoes

You know that horrid smell when your children wear their shoes outside in the wet, rainy weather or, worse yet, when they decide to wear their shoes without socks? You know that smell. The one that kicks you in the stomach and makes you want to burn the shoes. Before you burn them, buy yourself a bottle of four thieves or thieves essential oil. Now, be forewarned. This stuff smells awful. But, it works. When you have a foul smelling sneaker or trashcan problem, put some of this oil on a cotton ball and leave it overnight in the shoe or in the trash can. Somehow it absorbs the terrible odors. It has also been said that diffusing this essential oil can build up immunity and ward off illnesses. I cannot get past the smell to try to diffuse it.

There are countless companies that sell essential oils these days and you can find what you are looking for in any price point range. Pick up a few and give them a try.

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