Drowning Out The Silence

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Sometimes the silence is so loud, it is deafening.

Sometimes in life you expect to hear from certain people, the people that are closest to you.

You assume you will hear things like “I miss you” or “I love you” or “Way to go, I’m so proud of you!”You think that surely they will call you, message you, text you, email you, post on your social media.

But, sometimes, the people closest to you are nowhere to be found.

The silence left in the wake of their absence is so loud that it rings in your ears.

The silence is all you can hear.

Their missing presence is all you can see.

But in focusing on the silence, you miss out on all the things that ARE there.

Sometimes you need to step away from the noisy silence and open your ears to what else is around you.

Maybe it’s not the people you thought it would be, but I bet you will find people there for you — reaching out to you, acknowledging you, appreciating you, needing your presence.

Turn down the volume on the people who are silent so that you can turn up the volume on the people who are present.

Most importantly, turn up the volume on your own inner cheerleader. Be the person that applauds your successes, that encourages you to keep going, that makes you feel like you are enough.

Be the voice that drowns out the silence.

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