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A few years ago, our area got hit hard in the winter. We had blizzard after blizzard after blizzard. My kids had 7 snow days. I lost lots of money from having to miss work to stay home with the kids. Our roof leaked from ice dams that formed as a result of snow melting and refreezing over and over again.

Do you know what we all remember most about that long winter?

Not the lost income or house damage or not being able to see out our front windows because the snow was piled too high or having to stay in school until the very end of June. No. Those aren’t the memories that matter.

When we think of that winter, we think of banana bread.

Somehow, for some reason, on that first snow day we made fresh banana bread.

Then we did it for the next one.

And the next one. And the 4 after that.

We learned that we love blueberries in our banana bread and that we sometimes enjoy the banana bread in the form of muffins with chocolate chips. We learned that parchment paper works best. We learned that it’s always so good grilled in a pan with a good quality butter. We learned that it brings our family together.

When we had our first snow day the next year, we made banana bread again.

It has become a thing. Our thing.

Now, all these years later, I don’t need to cancel my work to care for my kids on a snow day. So, when school was cancelled today, I still had a full schedule of 8 patients. It wasn’t a snow day for me.

There won’t be time for banana bread, I thought.

But, as I walked into the kitchen this morning, there they were — 4 lovely overripe bananas. And in the freezer — frozen blueberries. In the fridge- some mini chocolate chips.

I realized that I needed to make the bread. After all, it’s our thing.

So, I hurried through my morning routine intent on getting a loaf of banana bread with blueberries and banana muffins with chocolate chips into the oven before my first appointment of the day.

Soon the smell of fresh banana bread swirled around me, filling my home and my heart with love.

Today was so busy that it would have been easy to skip the bread. I made a mess. I had lots of dishes to do. We all had extra calories we weren’t planning on. I was short on time.

But, later in the morning I found my two sons and husband enjoying the muffins and later we all shared a few slices of the bread. This is how a snow day should be. This was worth the extra time and mess and calories.

But, somehow that banana bread has become something so much more to my family.

Always make time to enjoy the bread ❤️

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