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Migrants Fleeing to Canada Claim to Be Escaping From New York’s Violence and Drugs Problems

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Since hundreds of migrants from countries like Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic first began coming to New York City, the city has been a safe haven for those seeking a better life.

It has come to light that many migrants are receiving "free tickets" to Canada, a country with a lower rate of drug misuse and homelessness. Asylum-seekers who are dissatisfied in New York are hoping to find a "better quality of life" in Canada.

According to, one Venezuelan migrant expressed that he doesn't want to stay in New York. Instead, he is keen to travel to Canada because he believes he would get more support there.

The majority of migrants are having a tough time finding a job in New York because they do not have work permits, immigration paperwork, and very little pocket money. This makes it more difficult for them to find work, which is one of the reasons they want to leave New York.

Some of the new arrivals to the Big Apple are shaken by the violence they have witnessed, which is a far cry from the troubles they faced in their home countries. Most of these migrants come from middle-class families and are not searching for handouts. Instead, they wish for a better life for their family. The city's mayor, Eric Adams, has been trying very hard to persuade people that the shelters in his city are safe and welcoming place to stay.

Free tickets for shuttles traveling upstate towards the Canadian border are being distributed by National Guard troops deployed at the Port Authority bus terminal as the migrants arrive in New York City.

Insiders at City Hall told The New York Post that the move was part of a "re-ticketing" plan to help migrants get to Canada, where President Justin Trudeau has talked a lot about making a safe place for people in need.

Some migrants who accepted the National Guardsmen's offer told The Post that they were moving to Canada because they believed the country would be more hospitable and provide better opportunities. In order to get the migrants to the Canadian border, the buses take them as far north as Plattsburgh, New York, where they are greeted by local van and taxi services.

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