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Kansas City adoptable cats of the week for 9-15

Cats of Kansas City

Welcome to this week's cats! All of these guys are ready, bags packed, just waiting to find their new homes. If you're interested in any of them, please don't hesitate to use the provided links to reach out to their respective shelters. No room in your house or your life for a cat? Please consider sending the shelters a donation to support their noble efforts. Even a little bit goes a long way.


Wilder and his little buddy.Photo byCats Pawjamas

First up, from Cats Pawjamas, we have Wilder. Which one of the pictured cats is Wilder you ask? He's the big orange one. The other cat? Not sure. We'll just call him, or her, "Less Wild."

Wilder is a big goofball and former resident of Cats Pawjamas who made his way back to the fine folks there through no fault of his own. Now, he's looking to move in with a family that can match his energy. Are you quiet but already have a crazy cat? Wilder would be great with another like-minded cat to romp through your house with. Don't have cats? Cats Pawjamas would be happy to fix you up with the perfect pair.

Wilder is a bit too wild to bother with snuggling, but he still is affectionate and will hang around you (and hang around on you) to collect his well-deserved attention. He'll provide all the fun you can stand. All he asks in return is a permanent place to stay. You can learn more about him and sign up for a "wilder" life here.


¡Qué Linda!Photo byGreat Plains, SPCA

There's something charming about dogs and cats with normal, human names. Like a bassett hound named Bill or, in this case, a black cat named Linda.

Sweet Linda was a shy girl when she first arrived at Great Plains SPCA but over time, with the help of her feline and human buddies, she has become much more social and affectionate. That said, she might be shy in her new home at first, but she's already proven that she'll be a friendly cat with a little time. It may help expedite the transition if you adopt one of her pals too. Taking home more than one cat is always highly recommended.

Linda is a sweet cat who loves bird watching. She can identify multiple species of birds. "The brown one that looks delicious." "The red one that looks delicious." Etc. She hasn't learned their scientific names yet. She loves pets on her back, but not so much on her neck--you'll learn to read her likes and dislikes quickly. If you'd like to learn more about this sweet kitty, visit here.

Misty May

Don't worry. Misty May's paws aren't as huge as they look in the photo.Photo byThe Animal Rescue Alliance

Next, from The Animal Rescue Alliance, we have Misty May. Finding Misty May a home is a little more urgent than your typical cat because she hates other cats. This makes living at the shelter very traumatic. Even just smelling them in the other room causes her stress.

As a result of this stress, Misty May can come off as mean--hissing and swatting and people, not really in a mood for making friends or impressing potential adopters. However, The Animal Rescue Alliance thinks that once away from other cats, in a less stressful environment, she'll become a much nicer girl. They've seen evidence of this during times when the shelter didn't have as many cats around. Linda became much more affectionate. She likely just needs a quiet place where she can relax and let down her defenses.

Tough sell? Maybe, but I'm thinking that taking on this challenge will secure you a real swanky condo in heaven. You can learn more about Misty May here.

Dill and Pickles

An 80's cute kitten poster come to life? Yes please!Photo byThe Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter

The Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter has an abundance of kittens right now. Last week, I highlighted three kittens, the brothers Dickenson, Finn, and Henry. They are still available to adopt. This week, we've got Dill and Pickles, who are both around six months old.

Dill and Pickles had a tough start. They were living without a care in the world with a family that seemed okay enough until the police raided their home. The dad went to jail and the mom and their child moved away, leaving the two kittens behind. Luckily FOPAS took them in and are providing them food and loving care. Still, Dill and Pickles are paying for their family's misdeeds and are just waiting for some kind soul to swoop in and introduce them to the simple life.

Pickles is very sweet and more outgoing than her brother Dill. However, Dill is looking pretty outgoing in this video and has overcome a lot of his initial shyness. They love to snuggle together, the site of which will melt your heart. Your family will get so tired of you going on about how adorable they are.

Fill out the Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter's pre-adoption application here to learn more about them and maybe even set up a time to meet them in person.

So adorable!Photo byThe Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter


Kailani is such a beauty!Photo byMeowy Matchmakers

Last but not least, we have Kailani, a lovely Siamese mix from Meowy Matchmakers in Fairway, KS. Kailani is a young mom who did a great job raising her four kittens and is now ready to enjoy an early retirement. She has declared that your house would make the perfect retirement home. Lucky you!

Kailani recently got over a lung infection and will need a little ongoing monitoring to make sure she continues to do well. Other than that, she's a healthy girl that loves playing and hopping around until she wears herself out. She can't get enough of wand toys and those sparkly little poof ball toys. She loves her lap time too, licking your chin and serenading you with soothing purrs.

Kailani would do well with other cats, probably dogs too, but not so much so with assertive or aggressive ones. She's so sweet that she might be bullied by animals that have more "alpha" tendencies than her. She also might be a little shy at first, but moving homes can be scary even for people, so just give her some time.

You can learn more about Kailani here.

That's all for this week. Want to look at more cats? Check out my profile for past entries. Many are still available!

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