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Kansas City cats of the week for 9-8

Cats of Kansas City

Welcome to this week's cats! All of these guys and gals are adoptable from local shelters in various parts of the greater KC area. Just use the provided links to learn more about them and to contact their respective shelters. They'd love to hear from you.


Arwen, sitting on her throne.Photo byMeowy Matchmakers

First off, from Meowy Matchmakers, we have Arwen, a sweet little kitten who loves polka dots and pillows made of gold. She is a little on the shy side and might be hesitant in her new home. However, a steady supply of Churus will help her warm up to you lickety split. She loves her Churus. For the uninitiated, Churus are little tubes of liquid, tuna-tinged cat treats that cats lick on. Be careful though that your kids don't mistake them for go-gurt and have a nasty susprise when they dig into their afternoon snack.

Churro-loving Arwen is a cuddly kitten that enjoys toys and watching "cat TV," keeping up on all the action happening on the other side of the window. A bit on the shy side, Arwen is a dear little girl who will warm up your life. You can learn more about Arwen here.


Daisy being lazy.Photo byCats Pawjamas

Last week, we featured a rare adoptable Persian (who is still available!). This week, we are featuring an uncommon all-white cat (with a little gray around her ears) named Daisy. Daisy is a flexible girl who would do great in just about any home. She's good with other cats. She's a people-person and would do just fine without other kitties. She's even good with dogs. As long as you don't have a pet skunk, she'll fit right in.

Daisy is the kind of cat that simply enjoys being by your side, not causing any trouble, just keeping tabs on the goings on. Daisy also likes lap time, "making biscuits" with her paws, and getting her purr engine running. She is selective about affection though. Sometimes she is in the mood for cuddling. Sometimes not--just don't take it personally. She just needs her space, as we all do. You can learn more about this little cotton ball here.

Here's another pic of lovely Miss Daisy:

Daisy looking contemplative.Photo byCats Pawjamas


Oyster, resting on his prey.Photo byThe Animal Rescue Alliance

Oyster is an adorable orange tabby that's ready to take the world by storm. A real go-getter, he is passionate in everything he does--evident from his constant purring. He purrs when he is being pet. He purrs when he eats. He purrs when he plays. Oyster is so happy to be alive. Can you imagine how much happier he would be once he found his permanent home?

He's got quite an ego too--you will commonly find him admiring himself in the mirror. I guess you can't blame him. He is really cute.

You can learn more about Oyster here.

Fun fact: Did you know that around 80% of orange cats are male?

Dickenson (and his brothers, Finn and Henry)

Dickenson looking noble.Photo byThe Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter

Dickenson looks wise beyond his years in the photo above, but he's only six months old. The Friends of Parkville humanely trapped him and his family, getting them out of the heat right before Independence Day, an especially scary time for outdoor cats and dogs. Now he and his brothers are patiently waiting for their permanent home.

Henry (L) and Finn (R), Dickenson's brothers.Photo byThe Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter

Dickenson is the biggest cuddler in the bunch, but all are still acclimating to becomming indoor pets. Finn is the most hesitant around people and Henry is the most playful (but not as affectionate as Dickenson).

They've all come along way from when they were first rescued, shy and scared, and will just need a little more time and patience than the average kittens. Still, they're beautiful cats and deserve a good life, just like any other.

It would be great if the brothers could stay together. If you take all three? You would need a cape, given your new superhero status.

You can contact the Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter and learn more about the boys and even set up a meeting by filling out this pre-adoption application.


Francesca, looking lovely.Photo byGreat Plains SPCA

Last but not least, we have our only adult of this week's litter, Francesca, from Great Plains SPCA. This Italian princess will, like Daisy above, follow you room-to-room, filling your home with love. She enjoys pets and playing, especially with feather toys, finding endless satisfaction in swatting and pouncing. She has so much fun that occasionally she gets carried away and will nip at people. It isn't done with malice though. She's just not the most well-mannered of princesses.

That said, she'd be best in a house without young children who might not be great at reading her behavior. So if you do have kids, maybe send them away to boarding school? They won't mind, knowing how happy you'll be with this terrific cat. You can learn more about Francesca here.

That's all for this week! If you'd like to see more cats, you can visit my profile and look through old postings. Many of the cats featured on them are still available to adopt!

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