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Kansas City adoptable cats of the week for 8/25

Cats of Kansas City

Welcome to this week's crew of fantastic felines. All of these cats are adoptable from local shelters all around town. If you live in the area, one is very likely nearby you and none are too far. Just click on the links to learn more and take one, two, or even all of them home with you.

Chrissy Snow and Janet Wood

It's Chrissy Snow don't you know.Photo byThe Animal Rescue Alliance

First up we have a pair of black kittens, two sweet little girls named Chrissy Snow and Janet Wood, who enjoy romping around together and would love to have it stay that way, sisters forever. These two sweathearts are from The Animal Rescue Alliance and are about four months old, are playful, and just love attention.

Janet Wood always does what she should.Photo byThe Animal Rescue Alliance

If their names don't ring a bell, Janet Wood and Chrissy Snow are characters on the old sitcom Three's Company. I believe that would make you Jack Tripper? Maybe not what most guys have in mind when they dream about living with two girls, but at least it is a far more attainable dream. To make that dream a reality, you can check out Janet's page here and Chrissy's page here.


Aerin, just hanging out.Photo byCats Pawjamas

Aerin, from Cats Pawjamas, is, like Chrissy and Janet, just four months old. Her brother Pierre is no longer on Cats Pawjamas' PetFinder so he was likely adopted, which is fantastic. Pierre was actually a former Kansas City cat of the week! Poor Aerin though is still looking for a place to plant her roots, and with such an adorable mug and a sweet personality, this little tabby hopefully won't have to wait long to head to her new home.

As you might expect with a four-month-old kitten, Aerin is just overflowing with energy and likes to run around, play with toys, and explore her still-new world. Best of all, if you already have pets, Aerin does great with other cats and dogs, so she'll fit right in with your crew. You can find more about Aerin here. Here's another pic of her:

Aerin has no idea what you're waiting for.Photo byCats Pawjamas

Vanilla Oreo

Vanilla Oreo, taking up as much space on the carpet as she possibly can.Photo byMeowy Matchmakers

Although I prefer Double Stuff when it comes to the cookies, there's not much sweeter than Vanilla Oreo when it comes to cats. Vanilla Oreo, from Meowy Matchmakers, is a beautiful calico mama cat whose expressive eyes will try to hypnotize you into giving her treats and chin rubs. She loves attention, sitting on your lap, and playful romps around the house. She's quite affectionate but still has the occasional moment of sass--you've been warned.

Vanilla Oreo will be good with other cats with a slow introduction and would also be fine with well-mannered pooches. You can learn more about Vanilla Oreo here.


You have much to learn, little Grasshopper.Photo byGreat Plains SPCA

This little Grasshopper, from Great Plains SPCA, will hop into your heart if you give her the chance. Before being rescued by Great Plains, she was living outside in a cat colony and is now ready to enjoy the beauty, and the air conditioning, found with a life indoors.

Like a lot of cats who have had it rough, she's a shy girl right now, spending most of her time in her hidey bed. Still, with a little patience and love in a permanent home, you can help her come out of her shell. It will take some effort, but this is a reciprocal relationship--you'll get a dedicated friend out of the deal.

Although she is shy with people, she's not shy with cats, and it would be great if you already have a cat or two for her to hang out with. She'll likely make fast friends with them. This should help her hasten her acclimation to her new home. If not, no worries, the most important thing is that she finds a welcoming place she can call home. You can learn more about Grasshopper here.


How cute is Maryann?Photo byFriends of Parkville Animal Shelter

The Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter took in Maryann after her caretaker had to move into assisted living and other shelters turned her away. She's a two-year-old black and white cat who is fun and friendly, spunky and sweet. She can be a bit of a bully with other cats (she kind of looks like a bully in the picture), so would probably be best in a home without a feline companion.

The poor thing is about to have dental surgery, a couple of extractions, so she won't be able to go home with anyone until September 5th. That will give you just about the right amount of time to meet her and mull over whether she's the best cat for you. You can set up that meeting by filling out the shelter's pre-adoption application here.

Here's another quick pic of Maryann, looking cute.

How can you resist Maryann?Photo byThe Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter

That's it for this week. If your coffee break isn't over yet, and you'd like to look at more cats, you can visit my profile and look through old postings--many of the cats featured on them are still available to adopt!

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