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Kitten edition: Kansas City adoptable cats of the week for 8-11-23

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Hello and welcome to another week of cats--this week is the kitten edition! Even if you prefer the serenity of life with an older cat, it is hard to deny the cuteness of these youngsters. All of these kitties are eager to find a new home so if any peak your interest, just use the links included with each to get in touch with their respective shelter. If you decide to adopt any of these guys, please leave a comment below. I'd love to hear about it!

Miss Sassy Pants

If you like a little sweetness with your sass.Photo byCats Pawjamas

First up, from Cats Pawjamas, we have Miss Sassy Pants (her friends call her Sassy), an orange female kitten who is just the right mixture of naughty and nice. She's got all that big kitten energy but also loves to cuddle and purr to no end. Miss Sassy Pants was formerly known as Ginger Spice, so she would be a perfect fit if you really, really want one more cutie to complete your crew.

A fun fact from Cats Pawjamas: only 20% of orange cats are females, so Miss Sassy Pants is a rare gem indeed. You can learn more about this sweetheart here.


Siamese please!Photo byThe Animal Rescue Alliance

Esmerelda, like Miss Sassy Pants, is also a rare gem. I look at a lot of PetFinder ads for these entries, and it is a little uncommon for Siamese cats to come up for adoption. Although Esmerelda is a Siamese mix, she certainly has the trademark look, with the dark face and paws.

Esmerelda had swimmer kitten syndrome when she was born which means she didn't have the back leg strength to lift up her body. So, she walked using mostly her front legs with her back legs trying to contribute but not doing much (giving the appearance of swimming). Thanks to the physical therapy provided by her foster home, she overcame this and now walks around like any other cat. Her ability to thrive in the face of physical adversity may explain her Hunchback of Notre Dame moniker.

Interested in learning more about little Esmerelda? Visit this link. There are a lot of Siamese cat fans out there so it'd be best to act fast! Prefer older cats? Here is a link to Si. Si and her sister Am (a bonded Siamese pair) were featured in a past entry and are, unbelievably, still available.


Little Ink has stars in his eyes.Photo byFriends of Parkville Animal Shelter

Our next kitten of the week is Ink a rambunctious little kitten with energy to spare. Ink is about six months old and had two brothers, Jot and Spot, who are no longer on PetFinder. Hopefully this means they found their forever homes, so let's find Ink a home soon too. Maybe your place?

Ink would do best living with other cats, maybe another young cat that he can roughhouse with. He enjoys playing with people too though, so you won't feel left out. His favorite activities include going on piggyback rides and, after a play session, taking a breather on your lap.

His PetFinder page has some great slow motion footage showing off his jumping ability. If you're interested in this little kitten, start "inking" the deal by first filling out the pre-adoption application here.


Lucas just graduated from Purrdue University.Photo byMeowy Matchmakers

Next up, from Meowy Matchmakers, is Lucas. Lucas is a little kitten that loves people and is always hanging around with his caretakers. He's also a big fan of wet food, so a little bowl of the stinky mush will be all you need to win his heart. His favorite hobby is playing with his jingle balls, and if you don't mind the interminable jingle-jangle sounds, Lucas just might be the kitten for you. Lucas is real proud of his bowtie, even when it is askew, so here is another picture.

A kitten wearing a bowtie in a basket? Life is good.Photo byMeowy Matchmakers

You can learn more about Lucas here.

Simon and Garfunkel

Little Garfunkel looks like he just woke up.Photo byGreat Plains SPCA

Last but not least, we have Simon and Garfunkel, two little kittens from Great Plains SPCA. Tired of "the sound of silence"--just bring these two guys home to liven up your home.

Based on their age and their arrival date at Great Plains, they seem to be brothers, even though they don't look a bit alike. Still, I'm sure they'll make beautiful music together.

Here's Simon, a little tuxedo cat:

Simon looks like he just woke up too.Photo byGreat Plains SPCA

Get in touch with Great Plains here for Simon's page, and for Garfunkel's page, click here.

That's all for this week. Interested in seeing more cats? You can always check out my profile for past entries. Many are still available!

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