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Kansas City adoptable cats of the week (August 4th, 2023)

Cats of Kansas City

August brings us more heat (boo!) and more cats (yay!). All of these guys and gals are available to adopt right now at various Kansas City area animal shelters and rescue organizations. Just click on the links below if any peak your interest. Also, please leave a comment if you decide to adopt them or any of the cats from past entries. We would love to hear all about it!


Blossom, stuck in the office, would rather work from home.Photo byGreat Plains SPCA

Our first cat of the week, Blossom, needs some help--she's got some serious work/life balance issues. She lives in the office of Great Plains SPCA, day and night. Now, the office of an animal rescue organization may be more fun than some drab company's office, but still, can you imagine living your life among file folders and copy machines? What's worse is that the reason she has to stay there is because she's recovering from dental care. First the dentist and now this? Are you willing to give Blossom some much needed permanent, personal leave at your place? She'd love it if you did.

What's in it for you? Just the sweetest cat on earth. The other cats on this list and at Great Plains might have a thing or two to say about that, but she is a real dream. She loves being held and is the sort of cat that will sit by your side all day, a true friend.

A couple things to note--she's a wheezy girl, she's positive for FIV (which weakens her immune system), and she doesn't have many teeth so is on a wet food diet. Nobody's perfect though, right? And she's got more than enough heart to make up for her physical shortcomings.

So, do you want to be Blossom's Six? If so, learn more about her here. (Sorry, you won't get that reference if you didn't watch a lot of sitcoms in the early 90's.)

Bo Jingles

Bo Jingles, looking cute, smelling what looks like a makeup remover?Photo byCats Pawjamas

Next up, from Cats Pawjamas, we have Bo Jingles, not to be confused with the fried chicken chain, Bojangles. No, Bo Jingles is a much healthier option than a pile of chicken fingers. Instead of high cholesterol, he'll give you mental well-being. Instead of too much sodium, he'll give you the perfect amount of companionship and laughter. The self-satisfaction that you've given a little guy a home is a bonus.

Bo Jingles is a kitten, but unlike a lot of kittens, he enjoys sitting on your lap just as much as he does romping around the house. Better yet, he gets along great with other cats and has had plenty of exposure to dogs. He would be a great addition to any home that already has pets. No pets? No problem. Bo Jingles doesn't discriminate. This little cat has stolen the hearts of everyone he's met at Cats Pawjamas, so why not set up a time to see if he'll steal your heart too? You can learn more about him here.


Skippy playing peek-a-booPhoto byFriends of Parkville Animal Shelter

Don't skip Skippy. At not even a year and a half old, he's had quite an eventful life already. He was brought to the Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter when he was six-months-old, found living at a construction site (another workaholic). After six months at the shelter, he was adopted, but unfortunately, he got loose and lost. A while later he was discovered and brought back to Friends of Parkville, thanks to their missing cat alert on Facebook, where he is now just waiting for a new home to move into.

You can expect Skippy to be on the shy side at first but with a little time, some treats, and a little playtime, he'll warm right up to you. He's loves to be pet (but not held!) and is quite an athlete. You can check out a video of Skippy's jumping skills on his PetFinder page. Check out their other cats and dogs too while you're there--they have videos of many of them. If you're interested in Skippy though, please fill out Friends of Parkville's pre-adoption application here. You won't regret it!


Calypso is in no mood for dancing.Photo byThe Animal Rescue Alliance

Next up is Calypso from The Animal Rescue Alliance. Calypso is an empty-nest mom who raised her single kitten and then helped surrogate another kitten. She's paid her feline dues and now just wants a place to call home. She's a lovely cat, is good with other animals, and has a lot to say. If you like more talkative cats, Calypso just might be up your alley. She's a purrs loudly and is often in a chatty mood.

She doesn't seem to mind, but her tail is disconnected from her sacrum (a bone at the bottom of the spine). This shouldn't be anything to worry about. Still, you may want to enquire with T.A.R.A. if Skippy has caught your eye, but you have concerns.

Here's another pic of Calypso so you can get the full view of this sweetheart:

Calypso is ready for her nap.Photo byThe Animal Rescue Alliance

You can learn more about Calypso here.


Madonna just wants to have fun too.Photo byMeowy Matchmakers

Last but not least, we have Madonna. She's an older kitty, although not quite as old as her namesake, everybody's favorite 80's pop diva. It might not be in "vogue" to adopt older cats, but it's something everyone looking for a cat should at least consider. Some people may want the non-stop energy of a kitten, but others might just want a cat that plays a little here and there but mostly takes it easy.. Having a sleepy, older cat can be the best choice for people who already have enough stress and chaos in their lives. Also, because senior cats are more difficult to find homes for, it's just a good thing to do.

That said, Madonna is a lovely cat, with a sweet disposition and wants nothing more to settle in for good with a kind person or a friendly family. Interested? You can contact Meowy Matchmakers and learn more about Madonna here.

Madonna, doing her best to pull at your heart strings.Photo byMeowy Matchmakers

That's all for this week. Interested in seeing more cats? You can always check out my profile for past entries. Many are still available!

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