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Kansas City adoptable cats of the week for July 17th

Cats of Kansas City

Hello and welcome to this week's cats! All of these guys and gals are available to adopt right now at local Kansas City animal shelters. Just click on the links to the respective cats to learn more about them. Petfinder's site is currently having issues (where it says the cats aren't currently available and no other pets load up) so I am including links to the shelters themselves in case those issues persist.


Can you help Catastrophe start a new chapter?Photo byMeowy Matchmakers

We're leading off with an eight-year old kitty from Cats Pawjamas who may have gotten the short end of the health stick but is looking for someone to help her be the best version of herself--even if her best self will still be deaf and have some neurological issues. The good part about her deafness is that you won't have to worry about her being scared by fireworks, and you can vacuum in the other room without her hiding away (which I would certainly appreciate).

Another great thing about Catastrophe, aka Miss Fortune, is her love for other cats. She's thrived around the kittens in her foster home, and it would be great if you already have cats at your place. If you have some patience and you're used to hanging out with bad listeners, Catastrophe might be the cat for you. You can learn more about her here or visit Cats Pawjamas directly if the link gives you an error.


Feel like doing Zumba with Zimba?Photo byFriends of Parkville Animal Shelter

Next up, from the Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter, we have Zimba. Zimba is also 8 years old, and you'll notice in the picture that his right ear is drooping. He isn't mad (their ears sometimes fold back like this when they're in a fight). It was from a hematoma caused by untreated ear mites. It's fine now though, just droopy, but aren't we all.

Zimba is a shy cat but will warm up to you with a little time. "Zimba" is an African name that indicates that he is caring and charismatic, a master of his destiny. Although his destiny is more dependent on someone providing him a loving home (self-determination will only get a cat so far), he is caring and charismatic. Once he warms up to you, he likes to roll on his back for belly rubs. He also enjoys playing with laser toys and is a very playful cat. He's just like that middle-aged uncle who goes bike riding and still plays kickball with the kids, and who doesn't want a middle-aged uncle in cat form?

He's also good with other cats and dogs if you already have pets. You can learn more about Zimba by filling out this pre-adoption application form.

Here's another cute pic of Zimba for you.

Uncle Zimba paying a visit.Photo byFriends of Parkville Animal Shelter


Bentley putting on the calico charm.Photo byMeowy Matchmakers

Next, from Meowy Matchmakers we have Bentley. If you follow these posts (thank you for following), and remember a little black and white kitten named Lotus from last week, Bentley is actually her mom. Bentley brought up Lotus and her two siblings and is now an empty nester ready to enjoy some time in the sun.

Bentley might not be quite as quiet as the car she's named after; she's a talkative cat. She's also as sweet as can be, enjoying chin rubs and brushing against your ankles. She's a playful girl, joining in with her kittens, batting around toy mice and swatting ribbons with the best of them.

You can visit Meowy Matchmakers' page for Bentley here. Two of her babies, Lotus and Enzo, are still available if you are looking for a kitten (or want to keep the family together).

The babies of Bentley.Photo byMeowy Matchmakers


Mitters relaxing on his leopard spot bed.Photo byThe Animal Rescue Alliance

Next up, from T.A.R.A. (The Animal Rescue Alliance) we have Mitters. Mitters is around four years old and would be a great fit for someone who is looking for a lazy, chill cat. He's an affection guy, a real sucker for attention, and will wait at the door for you to come home, rubbing against your leg when you do.

You can learn more about Mitters here or visit T.A.R.A. here if the Petfinder link gives you an error. As a side note, T.A.R.A. is having a music BINGO event at Servaes Brewing Company in Shawnee this Wednesday the 19th if you want to spice up your hump day. All proceeds go to their rescue efforts. You can find details to that event using that same link.

Let's not forget about Mitters though, the real star of the show. Here's one more pic:

Mitters is ready for dinner.Photo byThe Animal Rescue Alliance.


Denny looking as cute as can be.Photo byGreat Plains SPCA

Finally, we have Denny from Great Plains SPCA. Denny is a shy guy so it will likely take a little bit of time and effort for him to warm up to you. Once he does, however, you'll have a friend for life.

Denny's also got the prettiest blue, crossed eyes and can't help but to look adorable even if he's doing something naughty.

Denny enjoying some attention.Photo byGreat Plains SPCA

Crossed eyes is often congenital and nothing to worry about but can also be a symptom of an underlying condition. Great Plains will be able to tell you if there are any known issues, but otherwise Denny should be able to see just fine and will be a great addition to your home.

You can visit Great Plains SPCA's page for Denny here.

That's all for this week. Interested in seeing more cats? You can always check out my profile for past entries. Many are still available!

If you are associated with a shelter or rescue organization in the greater Kansas City area and would like to have your cats featured here, just let me know in the comments section.

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