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Kansas City adoptable cats of the week for July 9th

Cats of Kansas City

Welcome to this week's cats of the week. As always, these cats are all currently in shelters and foster homes in and around the Kansas City area and would love a permanent place to call home. Are you looking for a new family member or know someone who might need a cat in their life? Just click on the links to learn more about the cats and to contact their respective shelters.


Geiger, King Kong of KC.Photo byGreat Plains SPCA

First off, we have Geiger, an orange tabby with a heart of gold. If you live by the motto, "Go big or go home," Geiger is the cat for you--he weighs in at 18 pounds. He doesn't look that big in his pics, but maybe he's put on a few pounds since going into the shelter. Keeping a svelte figure can be a challenge for cats too.

Geiger prefers to be the only cat in the house which is probably for the best. Having a big cat can make it unfair for smaller cats when they get into tussles, aka "playtime." Geiger might be shy at first, but like a lot of cats, once he gets acclimated to his environment you'll have a friend for life.

If you're looking for a cat to shake up your world, Geiger comes in at a 10.0 on the charming scale. You can learn more about him here.

Raven Rae

Raven is a member of the cabinet. She's the Chief of Cute.Photo byThe Animal Rescue Alliance

From T.A.R.A. (The Animal Rescue Alliance) we have Raven Rae, who is turning just a year old next month. Are you looking for a cat with a beautiful black coat? That's so Raven. Are you looking for a cat with a great disposition? That's so Raven. Are you looking for a cat that loves to play with hot pink mice? So Raven.

Raven and her hot pink mouse.Photo byThe Animal Rescue Alliance

Everybody loves Raven. Click here to learn more about her.


Lotus will hit the spot.Photo byMeowy Matchmakers

Next, from Meowy Matchmakers, we have Lotus. Is your favorite movie 101 Dalmatians but you prefer cats more than dogs? Then Lotus is for you. A young kitten bursting with life, little Lotus will bring tons of fun and excitement to your home.

In Chinese culture, the lotus means purity of heart and spiritual growth. Lotus flowers symbolize wisdom, and although I don't know how wise Lotus is quite yet, I bet anyone would have a great time going on a spiritual journey with her. Just look at this little lady:

Young Lotus is ready to bloom.Photo byMeowy Matchmakers

You can learn more about Lotus here.


Hazel will walk all over you.Photo byFriends of Parkville Animal Shelter

Next, from the Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter, we have Hazel. Hazel's caretaker was deployed and couldn't take her along, so now Hazel is looking for someone new to give her a home. She's a sweet, chatty kitty who will hang out on your lap as long as you let her. She loves attention and will return all you give her with a medley of purrs.

She's a senior girl, at about nine years old, who would prefer to live in a home without young children. She is on a urinary food because of her tendency to get crystals. She's also currently taking Amitriptyline to help with her anxiety but hopefully would be able to get off of that when she settles in her new home. Don't let her health issues dissuade you though. She is a candidate for "permanent foster care." That means if you provide her a loving home, the Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter will pay for her food, medicine, and vet care. So if you want a cat (or another cat) but have a tight budget, FOPAS is providing this great opportunity. You can fill out their pre-adoption application here to get in touch with them and learn more.

Here's Hazel one last time:

Hazel...how can you resist?Photo byFriends of Parkville Animal Shelter


Frog says she is leaps and bounds more entertaining than other cats.Photo byCats Pawjamas

Finally, from Cats Pawjamas, we have Frog. Her sister, Toad, was recently adopted, but unlike Toad, this little kitty won't give you warts. Frog is a kitten still, full of energy and curiosity about her new world. She's a hyper, jumpy, "fraidy cat" and will provide you so much entertainment that you might as well cancel your Netflix subscription now.

If you already have cats--good news--she loves other cats. She'll rub her face against them wanting some grooming and won't stop until they give her a lick. If you're looking for a calm, lazy cat, an older cat like Hazel or Geiger might be a better bet. However, if you want a cat who will play with you for hours on end, hop to it, and contact Meowy Matchmakers about Frog right away. You can learn more about her here.

It's a Frog invasion!Photo byCats Pawjamas

That's all for this week. Interested in seeing more cats? You can always check out my profile for past entries. Many are still available!

If you are associated with a shelter or rescue organization in the greater Kansas City area and would like to have your cats featured here, just let me know in the comments section.

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