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Kansas City adoptable cats of the week for July 3rd

Cats of Kansas City

Welcome to this week's cats of the week. All of these little guys are available to adopt from local Kansas City animal shelters, and they'd all love to have a place to call home. If you're interested in learning more about them, just click on their respective links.


Charcoal is getting ready for a dinner party.Photo byFriends of Parkville Animal Shelter

Charcoal, from the Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter, is leading off this week. Charcoal is about seven and a half and is a bit on the shy side, but with a little patience, you'll have a dream cat on your hands. He enjoy playtime, but if he had to choose, his favorite thing in the world would be sleeping. He also sounds like he swallowed a squeaker toy when he meows. He's a real charmer, especially with that bowtie. He's the only Charcoal you'd actually want to get in your Christmas stocking.

Charcoal would do best in a home without small children and without other cats. If you want more info on Charcoal, or if you'd like to set up a date to meet him, follow this link. There is also a sweet video of him you can watch here that will give you a better idea of what he is like. Here's a Charcoal tongue shot for the road:

Charcoal is a "tongue" of fun.Photo byFriends of Parkville Animal Shelter

Uncle Bob

Uncle Bob giving a happy stretch.Photo byCats Pawjamas

Are you drawn to the "big cat" exhibits at the zoo? Then Uncle Bob, from Cats Pawjamas, is for you. He's a big guy and is built like a football player. He's not the strong, silent type, but the strong, talkative type and likes to walk around the house chittering and chattering. He'd make a great friend, and all he's asking in return is a ball of yarn to swat around. Maybe some food and a litter box too.

The question on everyone's mind is, "Who's uncle is he anyway?" He came to Cats Pawjamas with a mama cat and some kittens, so maybe he is the mama cat's brother? You'll have to check with Cats Pawjamas to be sure. To trace Uncle Bob's family tree or to make him part of your family tree, click here.

Lavender Eclipse

Lavender working on her "lap times."Photo byThe Animal Rescue Alliance

Next from TARA (The Animal Rescue Alliance), we have Lavender Eclipse. She was originally adopted as a kitten but had to be given up because of her caretaker's health issues.

Lavender Eclipse has a name that sounds like it is straight from the flower power days of the 60's and a personality to match. She is chock full of peace and love. She is a super sweet cat who is big on purring and making biscuits. For all of you who are new to cats, "making biscuits" is when a cat uses its paws to knead wherever it's sitting, usually you. So no, unfortunately she won't make you actual biscuits every morning. It's just a sign of affection, and their claws can be painful for the object of their affection. Most cat people just grin and bear it (we're a tough bunch).

Lavender is just looking for a quiet home and some nice people she can make biscuits with for the long term. You can learn more about Lavender Eclipse here.


Yin looking pensive with those big eyes of his.Photo byGreat Plains SPCA

From Great Plains SPCA, Yin is a beautiful white cat with black markings on the top of his head that almost look like a head of hair (with some male pattern baldness). He's a shy little guy and might hide from you first, but with a little patience and love, you'll be able to form a great bond with him. If you have kids, it would be best to have them meet Yin prior to adopting him so you can assess whether he's a good fit. I bet he will be though--it might just take him a little time before he feels comfortable enough to strut his stuff.

Learn more about Yin here. He's such a cute cat, here's another pic:

Yin again.Photo byGreat Plains SPCA


June, another flower child.Photo byMeowy Matchmakers

Last but not least we have the youngster June, from Meowy Matchmakers. June was originally at the shelter with her two sisters. Here she is with her fam:

June and her sisters.Photo byMeowy Matchmakers

Her sisters aren't on Petfinder anymore so they have likely been adopted into a life of luxury, leaving poor June behind. Now's your chance to make June's Cinderella story come true and give her the great life she deserves.

June is a playful and curious young cat and loves to snuggle. She'd be great with other cats and would love it if you have any feline step-brothers or sisters for her, preferably the non-wicked variety.

Although it is already July, it is never too late for June. You can learn more about her here.

That's all for this week. Interested in seeing more cats? You can always check out my profile for past entries. Many are still available!

If you are associated with a shelter or rescue organization in the greater Kansas City area and would like to have your cats featured here, just let me know in the comments section.

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