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Ideas on How to Celebrate Your Birthday

Catherine Wagner

So we all want to celebrate either excessively or low key for our birthdays, I think that we spend our birthdays with those closest to us, because it's about who we spend it with, not just us as singular. My birthday is coming up and I was circulating many ideas, and so here are some thoughts you might be able to think about for your own celebration depending on who you'd like to spend it with!

Orlando: I am super excited to be doing a collaboration at the Orlando Four Seasons, Walt Disney World Resort. At this point, turning 29 I figured Orlando Universal Studios is the best solution for me instead of Walt Disney World. However, that's because I am in a relationship, if I were going single I would have done Disney.

Single: Gather my girlfriends and all go as different Disney Princesses to Disney World - since my friends are all diverse in ethnic backgrounds, I figured that would be the perfect way to celebrate with my friends.

In a Relationship: Go to Universal to experience a fun trip through our favorite movies! My actual birthday will be spent at a lovely dinner at a neighborhood restaurant Semilla, in South Beach, Miami Beach. Keeping a low key after a fun day at Four Seasons the day prior, then a full day experiencing Universal studios, all seems perfectly achievable and enjoyable.

SkyDiving: I would never do this unless I'm with a friend or in a relationship. It's a great way to make new heights in the beginning of your new year of birth. I am deathly afraid of heights, and so this is a great way to overcome and challenge your fears. I mean, being weak is so 2020.

Family Day with a Park and a Picnic: If you're married with Children, having a day at the Zoo or Museum is a great way to make your day more interractive. Bring some fun items with you in a picnic basket for snacks and a family photo-op! Spending time with loved ones is absolutely so important on your big day.

Plan a Trip That Pertains to an Event on Your Birthday: Last year my birthday happened to be Fat Tuesday, the day of Mardi Gras, so naturally I went with one of my girlfriends to New Orleans. It was full of life and laughter, and there were many other people dressed up for their birthday there! If your birthday falls on an exciting event, utiilze the extra fun by celebrating with many other people enjoying life! Look up your birthday on google search, asking what special events fall on your birthday. If you have to fly there, I'd say it's absolutely worth the trip!

Dress Up Fancy: Pick a Restaurant that you've been dying to go to, but you know you haven't had a special event to celebrate - yep, you are worth celebrating! Make a reservation a couple weeks in advance and invite your favorite people. I'm sure whoever can make it will be super excited about being included in your day. Think "lights, camera, action!" - you should feel like you're special.

Spa Day: Plan a couple days of relaxation. Indulge yourself with what life has to offer in services that can make you feel like a queen or king. Full body massage, mani-pedi, hot tubs, saunas, you name it. I'd recommend doing a full day package to just add the works to your spa routine. You can do this pretty much anywhere in the world that you live. If someone wants to cover some or all of your expenses, gladly take them up on the offer.

So there you have it, multiple ways I could have spent my birthday - it usually depends who you'd like to spend your day with. Do not feel ashamed of aging or celebrating, no matter your age, it's imperative to never lose the spirit of your own life.

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