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What It's Like Living in Miami

Catherine Wagner

Miami is an exciting city to live in. I have lived here for a year now, and I moved here the day before quarantine became enforced. I figured if I would have to quarantine, Miami would probably be a perfect place to stay, especially since I'm a well traveled person and it's an international city. I've been to 34 countries and 30 states, and I repeat all of my favorite places over and over again. I had been to Miami probably 15 times prior to moving here, so it wasn't exactly a shot in the dark. There are major factors of why I moved here: The weather is tropical and usually perfect, the people are free spirited and open-minded, people are driven and have passion, people have money here and they love to spend on a good time, and live like a king for a fraction of the price of overrated cities.

The Culture: You walk out on the street and most people are living their best lives, ultimately no one is upset about living here. Sure, there are downfalls to every city. Like the fact that people don't use blinkers when driving and no one cares about the speed limit. People seem to not work, it seems people are successful with the flashy cars, lavish dinners out, fancy homes and apartments - because people love to show off their lifestyle. There's a huge latin culture here as well, Spanish is close second in language. However, the rest is a melting pot.

Work Life: If you work remotely like I do, then this is a perfect place to live. Your work life balance will feel amazing, you'll never wonder why you chose to live in Miami - because it's just paradise every day. I would say that if you have a dream to work in Miami, make sure you set that up far in advance to actually moving here. I hear the job market is lacking because most people move here who already have made their way in life. It's not a city to spark your new career, it is a place you need to come to when you're established enough to not make a dime for a while. I would say if you're looking for a "job" go to NYC, SF, Chicago, LA or Austin. If you're looking to enjoy your life and live it to its fullest, with a laid back yet fabulous atmosphere, Miami is it!

Weather: Tropical weather is usually sporadic and random, with heat, rain, wind, floods, but it's usually the most perfect day you'll ever see in your life. See the 10 day weather forecast to see for yourself.

Visiting VS Living: Visiting Miami seems similar to when visiting Vegas, you just go full throttle with no worries of tomorrow. When you live here, you realize that you'll frequent certain places often, which means you'll run into people you know every single day that you know. This means people will know your business, and it seems you're on a reality television show because people pay attention to what you do. There will also be plenty of people you know visiting Miami, because of the weather, vacation lifestyle, and party scene. It seems that a lot of people keep a little part of Miami in their hearts if they frequent the city often. They might have a job, significant other, or home elsewhere that keeps them bound from moving here. You can kind of see it in their eyes that they wish they lived here but they have to go back to wherever they came from. Now that I have established that I am comfortable with staying here, I feel at home and at ease with the decision. I wanted my life to feel like a vacation every day, and it absolutely feels that way.

Real Estate and Value of Lifestyle: I lived in NYC for 5 years and I grew up in Boston. Those are extremely expensive areas to live in because they have high paying jobs. I do not have a job, I'm self employed, and so I see no benefit in funneling my hard earned cash on rents that are astronomical for a lousy experience. I negotiated my rent down to where I felt I was making a deal, but having a gorgeous multi million dollar view of the bay and downtown Miami, living in South Beach, with valet parking and everything included like furniture, I pay $2000 a month. In my opinion that is a steal. I work from home, and so having a gorgeous view from my desk/bed/every angle of my apartment makes me feel like I'm "winning". I can make great content photos and videos from my apartment as well, hello tax right off! My plan is to purchase a 2 bedroom condo in Miami in the coming months, fingers crossed this all can happen as soon as possible. The value of Miami is unsurmountable in my opinion. Zillow and Trulia are my favorite apps to use.

Dining & Activities: People love to be out and about, whether running the boardwalk by the beach, having a picnic on the beach, lounging by the pool, going to world class museums, or going out to eat at stunning restaurants, is just part of the wonderful atmosphere. I would say FUN and enjoyment is top priority for anyone who visits or lives here.

Dating: There's a lot of people who just moved here or don't live here, but wanting a reason to stay. I would say you can find exactly what you're looking for, whatever that may be. I wrote an article about my favorite dating apps here. I think if you're honest with what you are looking for, you can absolutely find it. I was casually seeing who was out there, but for the long run I was looking for something real with longevity. I am a huge advocate for people getting out there and dating, it's super fun and you'll learn a lot about yourself and those you meet. Some will work and some will just be that day or night's fun. Some believe that love is lost and Miami is all about lust - it truly isn't if you're looking for that special someone. Don't settle for someone who is a total dead beat, though, have some standards.

Overall I would say I was always intimidated to make the move - but WOW I am so glad that I did!! I can fully say I am in love with this city. I also really enjoy Florida as a state, and it's a great hub to hold if you enjoy traveling. At this point, I don't have the travel bug, because everywhere else just seems less exciting to venture to. So I stay!

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