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Must Visit International Cities to Cross off Your List

Catherine Wagner

Some people have travel as a major aspect of their bucket list, and I certainly fit into that category. As a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger, I’ve been posting on my instagram and blog for 7 years, and to this date I have been to 34 countries and 30 states in the USA. I have repeated all of my favorite cities countless times. I currently live in Miami, because I had visited 15 times prior, and decided to make it my home the day before quarantine came into action. Boy, did I make a great choice! It’s a city for the worldly traveler, a meeting point for international flights and people. Below are some cities that I put high on my bucket list to visit, and I was not disappointed!


There is something so magical and romantic about this city, the french city has so much charisma and attention to excellence. It was top of the list of dream cities to visit, and so when I finally had the opportunity to go, it felt like my dreams were coming true! The feeling of accomplishing a goal always feels so unbelievably good, and a travel goal is an extreme high. Walking the streets and then seeing the Eiffel tower peeking out from the skyline is a true thrill. It’s like you’re a child who finally got to go to Disneyland for the first time, Paris was that same feeling for me as an adult. France is my favorite country to visit, and so Paris is just the perfect city to visit for a few days, and then venture elsewhere to experience more of the culture in the wine country and the French Riviera.

Hong Kong:

A metropolis that is bustling with international trade with the main influence of Chinese culture. As opposed to mainland China, Hong Kong is relatively easy to navigate because English speaking is quite common and universal. I love how adventurous eating there is, you can find some bizarre foods you would think you’d never try, or think was considered edible - and oddly enough it can taste good!


I am biased because I live here now, but if you love a city with amazing warm weather year round, this is definitely a place to visit. You can be as relaxed or as fancy as you’d like to go. There are so many ways to enjoy the beaches, pools, restaurants, nightlife, and everyone is friendly because wow, they are actually happy. Like many cities, there are boroughs and suburbs that expand the offerings of lively to more quaint. I would say that people work hard, but party harder in this city. Meaning, they move here because they don’t want to work more, rather, they want to enjoy what their hard work has helped them achieve with their lifestyle.


Work hard play hard. This is a fast paced life and when you visit, you better be able to keep up. I lived in NYC for 5 years, and it was a completely wild ride, where I learned so much about the world and the competitiveness of it in such a small amount of time. If you’re not working yourself to the bone every day, and then skipping nights of sleep, you’re not really living the way most people live in NYC. The city that never sleeps is quite accurate, because if you’re not working all night long, you’ll be partying all night long, and then have to make up for your spending on an upward battle daily. If you’d like to grow some thicker skin, it’s the place to immerse yourself. I can safely say it is the capital of capitalism. The skyline, central park, the townhomes, the views, it’s all spectacular, fabulous and knitty gritty all at once. Would I move there again? Maybe. But I will forever be visiting over and over again.


Malibu, Venice, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Downtown - need I say more? LA is a vast city where so many people come to live their creative dreams. There’s a lot of history built there, and so it’s a destination city that should be an absolute place to visit if you like to travel. Experience the lifestyles of the rich and the famous by immersing yourself in the mecha of American entertainment.


I had always yearned to visit Japan. I am a quarter Japanese, and since my grandmother passed away, I had so much sadness I couldn’t bring her with me to her homeland. However, I brought her in my heart when I went for 10 days! I visited during Cherry blossom season, and the magic is surely in the air, it’s the favorite time of year for most Japanese people. The gardens are filled with the beautiful blossoming trees, and so many photographers are on their a-game. I would highly recommend checking out all of the main attractions both in Tokyo and Kyoto, the world travelers will drool over your photos and experiences. Try the street food, try the fine dining, explore the gardens! It is a refined, cultural country. I will certainly say that you should make time for some zen experiences, because the go-go-go culture can be exhausting. Make the effort and just go!


Ah yes, a city that is sadly sloping and sinking - so get there while it’s still actually “there”. A city full of winding streets and canals, this city boasts some of the most unique visuals I’ve ever seen. It’s as if you’re in a Dr. Seus book, because the buildings all look colorful and slanted. I went with my brother, and we adored just wandering and getting lost in the city both day and night. The museums, the boat tours, the restaurants, the people, all a fun place to hop around at all hours, and you never know the gems you’ll come across.


This city blew my mind, how “new” it all looked. It is the “glass city” for a reason - it is a city that has so many floor to ceiling glass windows, and so you can basically watch a television show just by looking out of your building. I’m a sucker for a view, and so the visuals of water meets city and mountains is jaw dropping. One of my favorite experiences was taking the water taxis, which are quite affordable and allow you to have a different perspective offland. It’s my favorite city in Canada, and I’ve been to Toronto, Quebec and Montreal as well (also very notable cities).


Ah yes, the birthplace of English! It’s a perfect city to wander if you’d prefer an international experience where you’ll surely be able to get around without a heart attack. Big Ben, the Shard, the double decker busses - a must! If you’re planning a Euro trip, London has some of the most inexpensive flights in and out, and so is a good starting or end point to your trip. In a few days you can really grasp what the city is about. If I were looking for a job that was location sensitive, London would be a place where I could see myself located, especially in my industry of fashion, travel and lifestyle. Some of the biggest international trades are based out of the UK, and the accessibility to the rest of Europe is incredible.


If you enjoy wine, beer, and castles, visit!! I went to Vienna during the holidays, and the streets were decked out with gorgeous garlands and lights. It is a city that is completely walkable, and there are delicious desserts and chocolates to finish off your day with a smile. I think of the movie “The Sound of Music” when I was about to visit Austria, and so if you do have time to check out the towns surrounding Vienna, you’ll be able to realize the true beauty of mountains and hills surrounding you with natural beauty.


When in Rome, you must visit the Colosseum! The history is insurmountable, and so the walking tour of the ruins are reminders of the past that did not stop Rome from being such an important point in our planet. It is certainly a place filled with tourists, so if you like to go to a more undiscovered place, this will not be the city for you. You must be someone who enjoys history, and have a great amount of patience and openness to other travelers wanting to strike up conversation. I would highly recommend walking in this city, because the tiny little cars swerving around is honestly frightening if you’re driving. Do not visit Rome in an expensive car! The feeling of visiting is such a feeling of contempt, as it is a major bucket list place.


Tapas, Jamon, Paella, Sangria - yum!! Have it all, try it all. Go to the beach front and also the top of the mountain and visit Gaudi’s gorgeous, architectural creations. This is a city full of life and creativity, and spending a couple hours a day walking is going to fulfill that desire for a Spanish splash of culture. I have been to many cities in Spain, and this one by far was the most exuberant with old and new blood.


I lived in Germany for a few years, and so visiting Berlin was a huge accomplishment considering it is the capital. There is so much history, both good and bad, and so the city does not shy away from explaining it all. You could truly visit this city either alone, with a loved one, or a group of friends, and have a wildly different experience depending on your companion(s). You can be as ritzy or as down to earth as you’d like to be as well, this is truly an international crowd that will have so many options to explore.


Another city that is somewhat sinking, and so the rush to visit is definitely there. It’s romantic and gorgeous, it is a place you should visit with a significant other for strolls and candlelit dinners. The architecture and canals blew my mind, and there are so many photo opportunities you should surely not miss out on. The summers are hot - and so I find that the evenings are a nice relief after a long day of exploring. I will always have a place in my heart for this city.


This was the first stop on a one way trip ticket out to Europe after living in NYC for 5 years. I went in the summer, and the liveliness of the lakefront was amazing. So many people picnicking, and watching the boats and swans pass by is a sight to be seen. Everything is just so expensive in Switzerland, and the people do not necessarily like having outsiders come into their domain, but hey, don’t let the cold shoulders stop you from perusing the beautiful scenery!


Korea is full of old and new architecture, and is extremely brilliant with their way of tying everything in. I was happy to see layers of the city where I could be standing at a beautiful temple and look up to see stunning skyscrapers in the distance. I would say that people in Korea know how to have a good time. There’s a lot of smiles and laughter, and a lot of preserved history which makes the new technology such a nice mix.

Bon Voyage! I hope this list has given you some ideas of why they are bucket list places to see. There are many other cities I’d love to see, but these were all worth the mention since I have been to all of them. Cheers to many more!

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