A Cirque du Soleil Experience: Catching the high-acrobatic production OVO in Colorado

Watching the magic of Cirque du Soleil unfold in front of my son isn't something I will soon forget. We caught OVO at the Ball Arena which brings together 100 people from 25 different countries, all telling the story of a new day in the life of insects. From hypnotic spiders to bouncing crickets, OVO creates a spectacular and fun experience for all ages.

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My passion for travel was unlocked when I spent some years living across Europe and South America. I've never been one to shy away from a new adventure, be it swimming with pigs in the Bahamas, bird watching in the Galapagos or Heli-Hiking in British Columbia. And while I used to mostly travel solo, I now like to hit the road with my 4-year-old son, 1-year-old-daughter and husband in tow. The best part of travel to me now is getting to see the world through their eyes. Whether they are petting goats during an Oregon farm stay or making their very own pizza in Idaho, their enthusiasm and joy never fails to remind me of why I love travel.

Denver, CO

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