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Weird Gift Idea: "Haunted Honey" Straight from the Tombs of New Orleans' Spookiest Cemeteries

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New colony of honeybees re-inhabiting an old nest site.Photo byBee Guys LLC Facebook

Looking for a unique gift for the person in your life with hauntingly great taste? Well, look no further! It's been a couple of years since my last interview with Louisiana bee keeper, Craig Forsythe, 37, for my media company, Uncovering Florida, but he has confirmed with me as of today, November 30, 2022, that his business collecting and selling "haunted honey" is still going strong.

In my previous interview with Forsythe, the owner of Bee Guyz LLC, a Louisiana-based beekeeping and pest control company that makes most of their living removing and relocating honeybee hives, we learned that because honeybees find many places to make homes and in Louisiana, including above ground tombs and mausoleums, for safety reasons the bees must be relocated--and that's when the Bee Guyz get called in.

After years of relocating hives and stockpiling honey collected from the New Orleans cemeteries, it wasn't until the fall of 2020 that Forsythe discovered a niche market for his "haunted" wares.

"Knowing the history of New Orleans, I knew there was a market for 'haunted' products, but I never put two and two together until this year," he stated in our exclusive interview for Uncovering Florida in 2020.

His bright idea to bottle and sell the novelty item in which he branded "haunted honey" proved to be a worthy business venture.
"Haunted Honeycombs"Photo byBee Guyz LLC Facebook

"While my family and I eat it, I couldn't sell it with the rest of our edible products because it has been harvested from cemeteries and has a very low chance of containing abnormalities," he noted, furthering that even though the products are marketed as novelty gifts, it didn't stop the honey from flying off shelves.

"The first night we marketed the product on Facebook we were sold out within a day and a half. We shipped all over the world, from Canada to France and many places in between."

Forsythe says business has been booming ever since and new products are often added to the shop.

In September of 2022 the Bee Guyz publicly announced the arrival of their newest offering: honey from bees collected straight from the tomb of the voodoo legend, Marie Laveau.

"Last year while in a cemetery, we removed a large swarm of about 20,000 Italian honeybees from in front of the tomb of The Voodoo Queen herself, Mrs. Marie Laveau," their post from September 2022 stated, in part, furthering that these "special bees" were put them into one of the business's bee yards and this was their first collection of honey from that particular hive.

In addition to the newer products such as bees wax and honey hexagon necklaces, Forsythe is still selling his original collections including the "Haunted Honeycombs" and "Haunted Honey" half-pound jars.

If you would like to know more or would like to check out everything the Bee Guyz have currently in stock, click here.

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