5 Best Services on Fiverr to Jump Start Your Business

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What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is the largest marketplace for digital services. Business owner working around the clock? Rushing to complete a project? Entrepreneur on-the-go? Fiverr enables freelancers and entrepreneurs to start doing, growing and succeeding.



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The platform allows entrepreneurs to discover freelancers by having them come in contact with service sellers in three different levels. This way, they get to meet freelancers with the ideal skill sets and rates who will suit their needs. These seller levels allow businesses to either expand or narrow their searches according to freelancer levels.

What’s good about this crowdsourcing service is its provision of total transparency. Freelancers’ profiles can be accessed, along with their reviews, leaving buyers to decide whether they want to hire them or not. With the system, employers are provided with advanced knowledge on the quality of service they are to receive from a freelancer.

Fiverr is just the right platform that an employer on the hunt for a freelancer needs. You can find just about any product or service you need–all starting at $5. The system works by hosting freelancers by having them post their services and work samples. Buyers simply have to look up the best one that would suit their needs. Common services include logo design, contract writing and even hiring a virtual assistant.

Why use Fiverr over other freelance platforms?

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Fiverr offers a variety of benefits to entrepreneurs who require the services of high-level freelancers. Here are just a few of them:

Product Categories/Searches

Products and services offered through the platform are categorized in 12 major groups–graphics and design, writing and translation, music and audio, online marketing, video and animation and advertising, among others. Every category is further broken down into subcategories. Buyers can explore these subcategories or simply search for specific keywords. Although prices start at $5, enhanced services or faster deliveries entail higher prices.

A Boost for Freelancers/Sellers

Many freelancers have been switching to Fiverr owing to the low fee it charges, which makes hunting for freelance work a lot easier. Virtually anyone can sell on the platform, which does not require any complex technical know how. Freelancers who have a knack for being creative can earn money using Fiverr. Another good thing is that freelancers actually get paid for doing what they love to do, making work a lot more fun. They also get to have more exposure as buyers search for them and not the other way around.

Transparent Freelancer Information

On Fiverr, employers are able to see all the necessary information about a freelancer. These include ratings, feedback, number of jobs or gigs completed, and cancellation incidents. This offers confidence to buyers, knowing the kind of worker they are potentially collaborating with.

Filtered Seller Search

Fiverr has three seller levels, aside from the new seller level. These are freelancers who have varying job completion statuses and ratings. They come with different prices as well, depending on their skill levels and performance reviews. This allows employers to find the right freelancer who fits their requirements and their budget.

5 Best Services on Fiverr to Jump Start Your Business

While Fiverr is an amazing place to find just about anything you need as an entrepreneur, here are a 5 services that are especially easy to find, affordable, and applicable to most businesses:

1. Logo Design


Sample Logo Designs | Abhaysingh Portfolio

More than ever, companies find themselves racing against consumers’ shortened attention spans. As a result, they have turned their focus to creating newer, more memorable logos. No company can spend an unlimited amount of time convincing potential customers that their products are great. A logo, on the other hand, can quickly grab viewers’ attention and communicate a company’s core values uniquely. More and more, consumers are judging businesses by their appearance as much as by what they do.

With this new marketing model, businesses of all sizes must spend more resources creating original ideas. Major businesses will shell out millions on a logo designer to craft their perfect image, but most small companies don’t have endless amounts to spend.

Fiverr allows buyers to have high quality logo samples created, quickly. Within a day or two, for $5–75, buyers can have a variety of sample logos created. You simply describe the logo style you are trying to achieve, provide the company name and general information, and typically, provide a list of logos that encompass the aesthetic that best represents your company. This same quality of logo could easily cost you $1,000+ if you work directly with a local logo designer or a graphic artist that bills by the hour.

2. Website Design


Website Design | Dayton Ohio Website Design

In today’s global marketplace, it’s not enough to just have a digital presence. To capitalize on opportunity and captivate real, live, human readers, an optimized, functional, interactive website is a must. Unfortunately, the Internet is swarming with poor website designs that miss both the technical and content mark. Worse yet, clients and developers alike continuously contribute to the current outbreak of design delinquency in equal measure.

Fiverr makes ordering a sleek and user friendly website a breeze. Website creation can be modeled after websites you already like or be created from scratch. In my experience, while you can get a website for $100-$300, websites with custom features tend to cost $500-$750. This same quality of website could easily cost you $10,000+ if you work directly with a local website designer.

3. Infographics


Example of Infographic | Source: ED Tech

Infographics have been gaining popularity and become widely used among businesses and organizations in both digital and print. They are a clear, effective and artistic way of presenting information without losing the attention of the viewer. In this fast paced, modern age, people are inundated with information every day and attention spans are decreasing by the second. Unfathomable amounts of data is stored online and organized for analyzing and reporting purposes.

It can be difficult for people to navigate through countless lines of numbers and statistics whether it be online or in an excel sheet. Infographics are used as a powerful tool to allow people to easily digest information through the use of visual data, charts, and statistics. With the proper use of color, proportion, and negative space, information can be transformed into memorable, attention-grabbing and even persuasive graphics.

Fiverr is full of graphic designers who are looking to supplement their income by designing infographics. In my experience, quality infographics range from $20–140 but unless you really have an unusual request, I’ve had most of mine created for $20–40.

4. Search Engine Optimization SEO


Search Engien Optimization (SEO) | Source: Detroit Digital Vinyl

Search engine optimization or SEO in short, is a set of rules that can be followed by website (or blog) owners to optimize their websites for search engines and thus improve their search engine rankings.

SEO is one of the most cost effective forms of marketing because you are engaging someone once they have actually made the action of going to Google and typing in something related to a product or service you are offering. When you receive traffic from your efforts on these types of search terms the users are already interested in what you have to offer, your job is just to convince them you are the right partner. Once you start ranking well for terms, you receive the benefit of consistent traffic that the particular search term provides each and every month so your flow of potential customers continues. Very few marketing channels can say the same thing.

SEO is hard to figure out for those not familiar with internet marketers. You could pay thousands of dollars a month through an established firm and receive a minimal boost in website traffic, keyword ranking, or user engagement. Packages on Fiverr vary more widely than most services offered on the platform, but based on my experience $50-$100 can provide you a targeted boost for a specific page or keyword and definitely impact your google ranking. SEO, however, is usually best achieved through long term strategies. These ongoing services offered through Fiverr typically cost anywhere from $100–$500 per month. These usually come with specific money back guarantees though, such as ranking first in google for a relatively competitive search phrase, or manual creation of backlinks to your site on a daily basis.

5. Virtual Assistant


Virtual Assistant | Source: Acelerartech

Startups and small businesses face another unique challenge: cash flow. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, even if you are on board with getting help, you often don’t have the time, space or resources available to hire that additional employee you desperately need. That’s why so many successful business people have turned their attention to virtual assistants (VA’s). VA’s not only save you time and money, but they are also an affordable and experienced investment in the growth of your company.

Startups and small businesses use VA’s for things like bookkeeping, social media, design, web development, email management, marketing administration and so much more.

In my experience, good virtual assistants can be found for as little as $75–150 per week. While this may not sound cheap, compared to the cost of a traditional employee, it is negligible, considering the amount of work they do. One of my long time personal assistants completes work that would probably require a standard full-time employee, for the low cost of $100 per week. This includes, data entry, research, social media management, and graphic design. While it make take some time to find a reliable virtual assistant, they can be a major boost to any business.

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