My Journey to Being a Finalist in the National Breast Cancer Foundation Campaign

Casandra Reid

After seven rounds, amongst thousands of women, I’m now in the top 14.
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It has been a journey on this campaign trail, and while not yet over, I am impressed to share a little of what the experience has been like. This campaign/competition has birthed emotions and a determination to succeed that I did not know I had within. I have grown and developed these past weeks exponentially and become a better version of myself.

I never considered myself competitive, but this competition has proven me otherwise. I was a confident woman seven weeks ago, but my confidence as of today has been magnified, having taken on a life of its own.

My faith has grown so much these past weeks as I have seen the miraculous working of my Creator, God cradling and carrying me through each round by nothing short of divine intervention. Going from last place (14th) to 1st place in the semifinals a few days ago was no easy feat, but my team and I did it.

Indeed, my network of voters and supporters helped me accomplish the semifinal win. And with that miraculous rise to 1st place, I secured my spot into the finals.I am proud that I showed up for myself this time around. I am proud of what I’ve endured thus far.

There were days when doubt momentarily crossed my mind, but I gave God my timid trust, and He came through for me round after round.

I am now a firm believer in the power of believing in something and then doing one’s best to attain that something. I believe in this win, and while the campaign is not yet over, I am claiming this win.I made an effort and put in the work. I've even faced some rejection from non-supporters, but I kept going.

I have also been impressed by the kindness of strangers who have consistently voted for me daily and shared my voting link. My heart is filled with so much gratitude, and I say thank you. Words do not do justice to expressing my appreciation to those who took the time to cast a vote, whether 1 or 10 times.

The Final 14

Now that we are in the Finals, 14 women are still campaigning to raise more awareness and funds to help women in need. Each of us is also eyeing the grand prize-winning package of being named Ms. Fab Over 40, receiving $40,000, a 2-page spread in New Beauty Magazine, and a 3-day-2 night spa-get away.

Thus far, my voters and supporters have donated thousands of dollars on my behalf which has helped the National Breast Cancer Foundation greatly.

Remarkably, my husband and brother have gone all out financially to support this fundraising event on my behalf and to help keep me in the competition. Each donation vote has added to the Breast Cancer Foundation Fund and helped move me along in the competition.

Closing Thoughts

I have been a part of something life-changing and much more extensive than myself, and I will remember and cherish this experience. Please continue cheering me on, voting for me, and sharing my link below.

Voting is free.

Also, for those who feel inclined to make additional donation votes on my behalf, those are tax-deductible. I hope to see each of you at the winning line, celebrating with me this Thursday night. 

Is Casandra Reid Fab Over 40? You Decide!
As always, remember…together, we are building a community.

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