Challenge Yourself to Commit to One Goal for 30 Days

Casandra Reid

This article highlights strategies we can use to form a habit of following through with bite-sized commitments.
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Commitment is not a dirty word.

Neither is a commitment a dangerous activity that should send you running in the opposite direction. Still, when we think of committing to something, many associates this word with relationships, phobia, procrastination, and fear of failing.

Humans are innately cautious, daring, and defiant at the same time.

But what if I told you, you could serve yourself the vitamin of commitment in bite-sized portions, and once you’ve discovered its life-fueling nutrients, you will never run away again?

How can you trust what I have to say?

Below I will share my simple experiences following through on two goals for 30 and 45 days, respectively, and the transforming results I obtained.

When faced with a challenge, you will conquer or concede

One thing is always undisputed in life: we have options, no matter how we like to avoid responsibility and claim we didn’t have a choice.

Remember, not choosing is still a choice.

We may not consider all our options viable or ideal; nevertheless, we always retain the power of choice, and one cannot choose without choices.

Whenever we face challenging situations, the logical thing to do is explore our options and consider the best solution.

Other times, we may not have time for much consideration and deep analysis, but in any event, we make decisions daily, whether consciously or subconsciously.

No reasonable adult gets up daily and negotiates whether to brush their teeth or leave such activity for daily living until two days in the future.

Instead, as though on auto-pilot, you know you have already committed to the decision to cleanse your mouth daily.

From childhood, your caregivers taught you how to commit to your oral health, and that commitment has grown with you into adulthood.

Hence you fall in line and fulfill the call of duty — brush your teeth daily.

The same goes true for committing to other things in your life.

Why 30 days?

The number 30 presents a psychological connection to balance and encouragement.

I can share from experience that remarkable things happen when one commits to one goal for one month.

Forming a habit and no longer weighing the pros and cons, committing to a plan can be life-changing and easier accomplished when undertaken in increments.

Often, folks get overwhelmed when they think of their lives and goals in broader, bigger chunks. However, to squash the fear of commitment, I challenge you to start taking the seemingly baby steps.

Thirty days is a reasonable time to form a habit and start seeing results.

Goals are life’s bite-sized finger foods

Achieving a short-term or long-term goal begins by committing to that goal and taking calculated steps to achieve the same.

Dreamers hardly wake up living their dream unless they dedicate time and pursue their plans.

Whatever goals you have, be they career, family, personal, etc., you must commit to pursuing those goals for them to become real.

When you categorize your life and goals into bite-size little nuggets, you set yourself up for a greater success rate.

For example, working out three times a day for 10 minutes may be more feasible for someone just beginning an exercise routine versus working out one time a day for 30 minutes.

While the time commitment is the exact duration of 30 minutes, a beginner may more easily succeed with a lesser time increment of 10 minutes sessions.

The emotions that come with achieving your goal

Reflect on the last time you attained a goal and the emotions you experienced. Were those emotions ones of regrets for your commitment to showing up and pushing through?

Are you sorry for your sacrifices to attain such a goal and the work you put in?

Are you disappointed with your results?

Or did you celebrate and enjoy the delight of attaining your goals? I sure hope you identify with the latter.

My experience with a bite-size commitment

A few months back, I committed to participating in a daily writing challenge for 30-days. The experience was phenomenal and goal-smashing.

I stepped out of my comfort zone to write on topics I had never written on before and consistently wrote and published for 30 days — something I had never done before.

My engagement with my readers was at an all-time high, and the financial rewards were also worth noting.

This writing challenge was a double challenge for me as I was also traveling overseas and initially questioned how I would be able to accomplish such a feat. Nevertheless, I wanted to be a part of the experience and committed to it.

The result was that I delivered on my commitment, found a way to overcome my challenges while overseas, and met my daily writing and publishing goals.

I enjoy a good challenge, and letting myself down isn’t part of that enjoyment.

A 30-day challenge was feasible for me versus 60 or 90 days. I succeeded because of my commitment and because the duration (30 days) was the bite-size I could handle then.

I also committed to and participated in a 6-week weight loss challenge in which I lost 25lbs. This challenge also meant $500 was on the line, and I would not relinquish my hard-earned money.

Hence, if anything was going to go, it had to be those unwanted pounds.

The choice was clear: 20lbs or my $500 deposit. In the end, I regained my $500 and dropped an additional 5lbs as a bonus and overachiever move.

Take away: Know yourself and commit to what you determine is attainable for you.

Closing Thoughts

Remember, commit to one goal for one month and watch the results transform your mind as you would have formed a habit of following through.

Challenge yourself. Push your limits.

Commitment isn’t a scary word or act. Take the baby steps you need to take for today, one week, one month, and a year. You will soon learn that all you ever need to accomplish your goals are right within you.

Within us is the will to survive; to survive, we must push our limits. Some of those limits require defying some odds, and only by smashing our limitations can we excel and break through.

Also, it would be best to break down your goals for them to become attainable.

Those who push through their limitations have committed to overcoming them.

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